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LGBT German Club

I tried to join like a million clubs and they're all full so I made my own for us LGBT folk who are learning German so we can all come together and have a fun time.

Code: 3SDXSC

August 30, 2017



Nobody has even joined the club. :( All this has done is spark backlash and overall, it has sparked hatred, which is the polar opposite of what I intended to inspire when making this club. I'm nothing but disappointed, honestly, mainly in myself for even trying, seeing what I have received in return.

My apologies to everyone that had to be involved in this, of course I knew I would get some people who disagree with me, that will be a constant throughout my life as it will everyone. But I didn't expect it to be in this scale. Like I said, I intended to make friends here, not enemies. Clearly, that didn't go to plan, and for that I am sorry.


There's just so many nasty people online. I don't think you made a mistake to advertise this club! Have some lingots. :)


Thank you very much. :D


You have a friend in me.

That was cheesy, but I mean it.

Look, my religion implicitly refers to homosexuality, or anything LGBT related, as an abomination, an act of evil. Though, my religion also taught me to love everyone, regardless of who they are and what they believe. So, no matter how I may personally feel on these subjects, I will never try to lash at a person who identifies with anything involving LGBT. I have an obligation to respect everyone, and that includes you. ^ ^

I didn't comment to preach, so I'll stop rambling. But, you can consider me a friend, only if you like!


The thing that annoys me about all this backlash the most is that this group was made so that like minded people could come together and have a nice group to socialise and compete with new friends while learning a language, and people are angry about that. Like, how dare I want to socialise with people whom I have things in common with. Disgusting, I know.


Nothing is wrong with it. If there is a problem, then I guess the book club I'm apart of in college is also disgusting.

I think people get offended too easily. You go and have this club. No one should tell you otherwise.


The only think I actually have a problem with is being told that society doesnt actaully discriminate against LGBT people and we are victimising ourselves. (not by you btw)


Lmao gay people can't even socialise without a backlash, this proves it.


Hi, Vinicombee!

I am not here to rag on your club or you for creating it, but I do find the concept kind of odd and was wondering if you would mind going into your reasoning as to why it is needed/desired.

The Duolingo clubs are extremely limited with regards to communication within the membership (i.e. there are a couple canned responses and some emojis) so interaction is primarily focused on the spirit of competition. Creating a club to get a little competition going with your fellow German (or whatever) learners to help motivate each other to get a little extra studying in totally makes sense. What doesn't make sense to me is how knowing everyone in the group also belongs to the LGBT community adds to the experience.

I understand why an LGBT community is important. Having a community of people who are in the same situation is vital for building support networks, meeting people you might be interested in fostering a relationship with, and just generally finding a social context where you can feel at home and be yourself in. Since you presumably are already a part of this community I am a little baffled as to why you would look to import it into a language learning group. If anything, it seems like a good opportunity to step outside of your comfort zone and get the chance to learn with people from other walks of life. For me getting the chance to interact with people I might not otherwise interact with has been one of the more rewarding experiences of learning a new language.

Best of luck with your group!



this thread is very interesting. The good thing is, I didn't read any hatefull or pejorative things. But still these 4 (sometimes 5) immediately provoke a more or less emotional discussion. The reason to put these letters in front of clubs and things like that it shows people that this is a place where you can be/feel who you are also if you are not are/feel like most of the people. And for many it can be a refugium. Nothing more but also nothing less.

These are places you can feel welcome no matter who you love (what's of course a private thing). If you join places (virtual or physical) you know what you find and that you all you should bring with you is tolerance and acceptance, no qualification, just that. And then is straight also just word.

Nobody is forced nobody is pushed to join. Just another offer to club. That a simple "who wants to learn german" club with this 4 letters in it's name starts a discussion like this and shows this places are still not useless.

This is an announcement of a new club in duolingo. It's not a discussion of who is where a discriminated minority. It shouldn't be!

The most of us are here to learn other languages to learn about other people other cultures other ways to see the world. Please tell me, we are.

Regards Angel


Very well put, thank you. <3


Hi vini,

so joined the club an will do the course the next days. Although I am german this training will (hopefully) improve my cr***y english and maybe I can be a little help if there are questions.

Best Regards Angel


so how do you join?!


Ich bin lesen einen Deutschland


I'm surprised how people who are learning languages (in order to connect with others) can also be so intolerant. Hipocresy at its finest! Those people need to get out more and actually travel and see what really matters in the world.


Support for you from here bud. Don't let people distract you from your happiness.

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