"The grapes are yours."

Translation:Strugurii sunt ai voștri.

August 30, 2017

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I was marked as wrong for putting ai tai, making it the singular form rather than the plural. Why would that be wrong?


I should know this, but -- why is it not "al tău" versus "ai tăi"? Is it based on the gender of the noun or the person we're referring to?


strugurii is plural, so it should be "ai tăi" (or "ai voștri", for plural you)


This one was marked incorrect because I used the singular "you" rather than the plural. There's no way for somebody to know which was intended in the English.


It should be based on the person one is referring to. Since "you" can be either sg or pl "ai tai" or "ai vostri" should both be correct, should it it not?

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