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The Perfect German Book to learn vocabulary fast


I don't know if someone already made I post about this but I'm a looking for a book that explain the meaning of the german words; but not like a dictionary, I want something more like a book that teaches the meaning of the prefixes for learners.

I found lots of blog and other places that said that some words have meaning that are very hard to translate into english when you put for instance the prefix ER- or VER-.

Someone has a good advise on that quest (the perfect german book) :)

Thanks before hand!

Sorry if the name of the thread is misleading :c

August 30, 2017



Thanks I am reading the book now when I have questions with the meaning of some words! Take a lingot!


There is at least one graded reader available. It is old and can be purchased from on line bookstores. You start out with no vocabulary and end up with an impressive amount. Not much grammar though.

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