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Duolingo has greatly helped me!!

Hello everyone!! I enrolled in a German class at my high school (I'm in 9th grade) and my German teacher spoke in German for around 5-7 minutes (give or take a few), and thanks to Duolingo I understood around 90% of what she was saying!!

So the next day I went up to the French teacher and had a conversation with her, and thanks to Duolingo, I could have a conversation with her!!

I haven't finished either of these trees and I could still have conversations. Duolingo really has helped me! Thank you Duo team!

August 30, 2017



Nice, we need more stories like this!


Thats awesome! I'm learning italian. And I hope I can have a conversation with an italian speaker soon. :)


my uncle is fluent in Italian :D


Wow! good for you, congrats!!!


This is amazing! I really wish that Duolingo had been around back when I was in high school


didn't they have that in those days?


I'm older than I look =P

I just looked it up and Duolingo was launched at the end of my junior year so I guess I was in high school for a little bit of it, but I didn't hear about it until years later


i know, it's so good!!! I've learnt loads of French too, writing, speaking, grammar and lots more! Well done!


I'm glad you like duo and that it has helped you a lot!


hopefully I can talk with my italian teacher soon as well ^^; it's so hard to gasp what she's saying, cuz italians speak very very fast . , .


so do French people!!


yeah when my brain manages to understand 2-3 words, she's already talking about something completely different xD :(


I'm doing the same with Dutch, I'm aiming to have a good conversation with a friend I met on Discord. It's awesome how you're already knowing that much German. Hebt een lingot!


I just realized how late I am. I hope your journey is going well! xD

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