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  5. "I lived in Odesa."

"I lived in Odesa."

Translation:Я жив у Одесі.

August 30, 2017



"жив у О..." The vowel "у-о" sounds awkward


Wouldn't it sound better to say "Я жив в Одесі"?


I prefer this one, and in daily life I say it this way without thinking. However, the principle in this course is to let them be interchangeable, because it's too much for a learner and is not the most important part... There's a lot of grammar to tackle already x)


Sorry if this is a stupid question... but would the verb change if a female is speaking this sentence? I feel like I should say "Я жива у Одесі" or something.


The verb in the present tense, first-person perspective does not change gender.

I live = я живу.

But in the past tense, gender does matter.

I (masculine) lived = я жив

I (feminine) lived = я жила


Yes, thanks - past tense is exactly what I'm asking because the exercise is asking me to translate "I lived in Odesa." I kept answering жив because it was regarded as "correct" - but it's not correct if I'm saying this sentence as a woman. жила was what I needed to know.

Thanks! :)

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