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  5. Just lost a 570 day streak :(


Just lost a 570 day streak :(

I was in London last night and to get home I was gonna take a train from Euston Station. Our train was delayed for about half an hour and then the whole train was evacuated due to a possible terrorist attack (turned out someone's ecig just exploded in their bag), meaning I had to take a 4-hour cab home. My phone was on 8% battery and I didn't have a streak freeze. Got home after midnight. FML

RIP 570 DAYS :((((

August 30, 2017



Sorry you lost your streak. It does show that it's available for Streak Repair (on Android / iOS), if it's worth the cash to you.

I have my site goal set to 1 XP and a personal goal of 280 XP per week. That way, if I'm down to the wire, I can finish a Timed Practice lesson in under a minute by answering one question correctly and then letting the timer run down.

Extended profile information for Xanpiir extracted from:


Current streak: 0
Last streak: 571
Days ago: 2
Streak Freeze: Not currently equipped
Daily goal: 50
Account created: ~2 years ago
Streak Repair available (Android/iOS only): True
Lingots: 1709

XP registered for each session in the last 7 days of practice: (GMT)
8 at Wed Aug 23 23:38:32
1 at Wed Aug 23 23:40:24
9 at Wed Aug 23 23:44:57
18 at Wed Aug 23 23:46:45
18 at Wed Aug 23 23:53:23
10 at Wed Aug 23 23:56:49
3 at Wed Aug 23 23:59:01
5 at Thu Aug 24 00:09:30
5 at Thu Aug 24 00:14:57
18 at Thu Aug 24 00:22:21
19 at Thu Aug 24 00:23:36
11 at Thu Aug 24 00:25:46
20 at Fri Aug 25 23:55:37
20 at Fri Aug 25 23:56:51
20 at Fri Aug 25 23:58:20
10 at Sat Aug 26 22:06:33
10 at Sat Aug 26 22:08:34
10 at Sat Aug 26 22:10:30
10 at Sat Aug 26 22:12:30
10 at Sat Aug 26 22:14:21
5 at Sun Aug 27 22:36:04
5 at Sun Aug 27 22:37:37
5 at Sun Aug 27 22:39:24
5 at Sun Aug 27 22:41:19
5 at Sun Aug 27 22:43:38
5 at Sun Aug 27 22:49:09
5 at Sun Aug 27 22:52:54
5 at Sun Aug 27 22:55:34
20 at Sun Aug 27 23:01:11
5 at Mon Aug 28 22:34:49
1 at Mon Aug 28 22:42:42
5 at Mon Aug 28 22:44:18
5 at Mon Aug 28 22:49:38
5 at Mon Aug 28 22:53:26
5 at Mon Aug 28 22:55:37
5 at Mon Aug 28 22:57:32
5 at Mon Aug 28 23:02:43
6 at Mon Aug 28 23:06:16
5 at Mon Aug 28 23:12:02
5 at Mon Aug 28 23:15:33

Report created: 2017-08-30 22:32:11


At least it wasn't a real terrorist attack though!


I am very sorry. Try to repair it if you can, but if not do not worry, it is only a number.


That's very ironic, considering your streak. XDDDDD

Me: reads the comment.

Me: sees the streak number.

Me: Uh...yeah, don't worry, it's just a number....................


What I mean is that if you have done everything you can to keep your streak and you lost it, do not get discouraged. My goal is not the streak, it is to learn German.


Yes, but still, your streak is amazing


No streak freeze !!! Why? How much did you pay for a 4-hour cab home (just curious). Sorry for your lost streak, I am sure you'll survive. : D


At least the streak is repaired.


It was £470, luckily we could cover it with my dad's company credit card as I was with him and we went to London for work! Could have been a serious problem lol


Sorry to hear that Xanpiir. I was evacuated from a DC train station a few months ago, so your story reminded me of that.

Congrats though on your level 25 and your 570 days! Hopefully you don't give up, get a streak freeze, and continue with your language journey. :-)


Hey, NtateNarin! Haven't seen you in a long time! I just wanted to congratulate you on your 964 day streak.


My condolences .

  • 2247

Poor you :(


Terrible about your streak loss.. What a draining way to spend your night. I am curious though. How much does a 4 hour cab ride cost???! .*** Oh now I see you regained your streak info. You're back in business! Congrats!


It was £470, luckily we got the cost covered though!


Oh that's good.


it happens to me several time (finish the test after midnight due to internet issue and forgot to equip a streak freeze), but at least its not a real terrorist attack :)


How much did you pay to get it back?


£11.99. Worth it imo, I consider it a small donation to this great site!


Then thanks for donating to Duo! I had seen several different prices around the forum but for this amount I would buy mine back as well.


ye man sorry for your loss


For me it till says you have your streak


I just lost a 94 day streak too!


Good on you for repairing your streak!

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