"Acele haine colorate sunt ale oricui le vrea."

Translation:Those colored clothes are of anyone who wants them.

August 30, 2017

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What does this even mean in English?


I think it should be, "Those colored clothes are for anyone who wants them".


Yes, I think you're right: it should be ''...FOR anyone''. The listed translation, as Lurch_M noted, doesn't really make sense.


or belong to anyone who wants them


I have no idea if the listed translation makes sense in English. But this one should: "Those colored clothes belong to anyone who wants them".


The English translation really doesn't sound right and the same goes for a lot of sentences in this category! Please fix it, Duolingo.


This is just a category that doesn't translate well word for word, but Duolingo's model is "translate the sentence so you understand the word". It's one of the issues with this model of language learning. It's not really "fixable" in this format, because otherwise we would make assumptions based on English grammar instead of learning the Romanian version.


I find this problem to be widespread here in the Romanian course, but not in other languages. The Romanian course simply has too many mistakes.


I find it in several courses to varying degrees.


i fully agree with you.....i experience this too in both Spanish & Italian....non sensical sentences of which the translations for non native english speakers are very bad...


Normally the further you get into a course the more questions you see that have only been seen by a small number of people, and hence not yet corrected. Also, languages that are more different to English tend to have more such problems than say the western European languages. In the Dutch course I didn't find anything a little odd until near the second-last checkpoint for instance.


This doesn't mean anything in English. Replacing the "of" with "for" would fix it. I see this was pointed out by someone else as long as two years ago, already...


I agree, "of" should be "for" to make a plausible English sentence. The translation does not have to be word for word, but it must make sense.


It may not be 'good English grammar' (I'm not sure though I am English), but I would say "these x are anyone's that wants them. "That stays close to the Romanian - i.e. avoiding introducing a "for" which would be "pentru" or a "belong" which would be "aparține".


To clarify for non-English speakers: in English 'of' is closer in meaning to "from," which does not go with "anyone who wants them." 'For' is closer in meaning to "to,"suggesting that the clothes are being offered or given away to ___.


The options available to me made me only able to say "Those coloured clothes are anyone who wants them" and duolingo said i have a typo in my answer correcting the anyone to anyone's however i didn't have the option of using anyones. Please fix this ❤


I'm finding it difficult to make sense of this sentence. I think it should say "for" and not "of".


Utterly horrible English.


this does not make sense in English, one would not word a sentence like that How about " those colored clothes are anyone's who wants them " Or, Those colored clothes are for anyone who wants them

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