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  5. "Tu vorbești cu tine însuți."

"Tu vorbești cu tine însuți."

Translation:You talk to yourself.

August 30, 2017



What is the role of "insuti" and how is this different from Tu vorbesti cu tine?


Its role is as a strengthener used to emphasize the fact that the speaker and the listener are one and the same. I suppose it's passable to omit the strengthener for the 1st and for the 2nd person, but you need to use the strengthener for the 3rd person. Here are a few examples:

  • "Eu vorbesc cu tine." = "I talk to you."
  • "Eu vorbesc cu mine (însumi)." = "I talk to myself."
  • "Tu vorbești cu mine." = "You talk to me."
  • "Tu vorbești cu tine (însuți)." = "You talk to yourself."
  • "El vorbește cu el." = "He talks to him." (him being some other guy!)
  • "El vorbește cu el însuși." = "He talks to himself."

I didn't cover feminine/plural combinations, but hopefully this was enough to illustrate the point.


Many thanks, really helpful


THANK YOU! I don't know why this section doesn't have a "hints" introduction. I feel like we are thrown to the wolves.


I read this out loud. Bravo duo

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