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I have studied the different pronunciations of the umladed words. Most of them are easy to tell and in fact in Deutsch there are only 3. Those being the ä, ö and ü. The ä makes more of a short e. The ö is kind of between a u and an o. However I've had trouble wih u and ü. I have a theory tho. This is my theory The u sound makes a kind o sound when an o is doubled. Eg. A word like ''good''. And the ü makes a more of a ''ooooh'' sound. Like in Bücher. It's easy to see that in Bücher.Booocher´´.

Thankyou. Would I be right in my theory oder nein?

August 30, 2017


The ü sound doesn't exist in English. It is the [y] sound and as other said, it is made by pronouncing a [i] sound like in see, but with your lips rounded as if you were saying the [u] sound in you.

Hi cluney,

good question. I don't know how many times I was thinking of a good example word in english for "Ü". I didn't found one yet. Please use this link, click the arrow in front of "die Bücher" and make your own decision.

best regards Angel
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That looks like a great site that I can add to my already overburdened Bookmarks. Danke.

Try bringing your tongue forward in your mouth whilst saying 'eeee'; you will probably round your lips automatically.

I think u is more like the o's in 'cool', and you can reproduce the ü sound by saying "ee" (like the e's in 'see') and then gradually round your lips into the position they would be in if you were whistling. You could also look it up somewhere. ^^

Interesting. I definitely thought Insanity when you said it was like an ee But I understand now that if you kind of make your lips round you could get it to sound good. I'll be interested to see what everyone else says and see how all the comments mach up

thanks everyone. Very helpful. I've been wondering on this for a long time. Vielen Dank

There are some nice videos in youtube. The most difficult sound for me is the ö.

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