"Eu muncesc ca grădinar cu toate că sunt inginer."

Translation:I work as a gardener although I am an engineer.

August 30, 2017

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The answer should read, "I work as a gardener." We always use the indefinite article in English.


Is there any difference between ca and că that were used in this sentence?


Yes, they are completely different:

  • Eu muncesc ca [...] = I work as [...]
  • cu toate că [...] = even though [...]


why is it ¨though I am AN engineer ¨and not ¨though I am engineer¨¨is the article obligatory in English or am I missing something in Romanian ""


You have to use the "an" article in the English sentence above, while in Romanian you usually leave out the "un" article when referring to someone's profession.


thanks. i was sure english was like french. we say both Je suis UN ingénieur OR je suis ingénieur. Je suis médecin OR je suis UN médecin. When we talk to somebody we will never say je suis UN ingénieur. ONLY je suis ingénieur , et vous ? Moi ? je suis médecin. So now I will try to remember that i need to use AN all the time ( which I certainly never did during the more then 60 years I have been speaking English)


Heh, you shouldn't have any problems with Romanian in this regard, because it's EXACTLY the same as you described it in French.
By the way, another thing to remember is that in English you would use either "an" or "a". For instance: "I am AN engineer", but "I am A doctor".


It's the same in German.


Though and although isn't the same?


They are the same, but in my opinion it would be more usual to use "although".


I used though and it wasn't allowed, though I would be perfectly happy saying that as an English speaker!


Grammatically all the same. !In dutch, we do not use female or male that much. So it is not easy to learn, but when you want to learn a lanquage, you have to accept the differences. Good luck. Ben

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