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Rice Cakes, Japanese Club

Hiya folks!

I finally decided to check out this whole "Clubs" feature. If anyone would like to humor me, I've created a Japanese club named Rice Cakes. The code is 6DG5ED. No pressure to join, of course. Also, it says LGBTQ+ in the description. So, please take care if you would be unsafe should someone offline happened to glance at your screen. As for actual membership, I wouldn't take anyone showing up in the club as a guarantee that they are actually LGBTQ+. So, I imagine it'll be a mixed group. But, just wanted to put the description disclaimer in here, because, you don't actually have to be LGBTQ+ to get beat up or kicked out. Violent bigots just have to believe you are.

頑張って! (Ganbatte!/Good luck!)

Usagi rice cakes


August 31, 2017



Thanks for the initiative, good luck with the club!

Personally, I have found the club experience kind of disappointing, due to the lack of ways to get to know and interact with other club members within the club environment (although to be fair, I did meet a few new friends through my Esperanto club).


Thank you for the warm, well wishes! And also for the feedback. ^_^


If only I had the app :(

Ps. Daily (not) reminder to go to bed early ok buns? ;)


I thought you had the app :(



Just curious, why do you have to specify sexual orientation in a language club? Is it even legal to make a sexual related club here where is full of children? What exactly do you hope to achieve, something like a night club?


IMHO, Duolingo clubs do not allow for enough interaction between club members for the club composition to matter very much.

This said, there are many clubs out there that promotes themselves to certain ethnic or national groups, like "Polish-speakers learning German" or "Brazilians learning French". I don't think anyone would object to club orienting itself towards certain age groups ("Seniors learning Klingon", "High School Kids learning Spanish") or even sexes ("Women learning Portuguese").

Fundamentally, being gay or lesbian is not about "sex", but it's about who you love and about the often difficult experience of learning that you are "different" in a world that does not always accept that difference. It has long been important for LGBT+ people (especially when they are first coming out) to have safe spaces where they can be themselves and connect with people who share their experiences. This is why there are LGBT+ sports organisations, bridge clubs, movie festivals, youth groups, and other community organisations of all sorts.

Most of the organisations welcome straight people as well; I was on an LGBT masters swim team for many years and we have a number of straight people who swam with us because, well, we were a very cool team and we had a good coach.


ruferales, I opened a club. I'm inviting people to join. The club has not violated the Community Guidelines.

a) LGBTQ+ does not equal kids in danger. b) totally legal c) that's all the energy you'll get from me because the underlying assumptions in your questions are wrong and you're derailing and I hope no one else gives you more of their energy in this discussion either. ;)


ruferales, your other comment keeps getting eaten by a void. So, I can't see it here, only in notifications. But, in it you said,

Sexual orientation is only useful for dating and sex.

You're wrong.

Also, that assumption was clear to me earlier. Please, be mindful of the Community Guidelines if you plan to expound upon that line of thinking. If you do, know that this is where the train stops for me. So, don't ask me to educate you about why representation matters. Google exists and it's magical. And, I want to spend my time and energy doing other things. :)


Are you part of the LGBT+ community


Indeed. Tis the background theme of my profile icon. :)

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