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  5. "Elle boit son lait."

"Elle boit son lait."

Translation:She drinks her milk.

March 11, 2013



"son" is masculine. why can't it be She is drinking his milk.


"She is drinking his milk" should be accepted as well.


In French, the possessive adjective agrees with the thing possessed, not with the owner. "milk" being a masculine word, you have to use son, whether the owner is a man or a woman.


Yes, but could not "son" refer to someone else's milk, making "She is drinking his milk" a second correct solution? How do you know whose milk it is, without more context? Or is there a different possessive form for "Person A drink's Person B's milk?"


Duolingo should accept his or her milk since we don't have any contextual hint. If you have a chance, pls report it as a problem

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