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  5. "Het boek is leuk."

"Het boek is leuk."

Translation:The book is nice.

August 31, 2017



Can this mean good (i.e. it's a good book), or is it exclusively 'nice'?


Leuk is hard to translate accurately, it depends on the context. For books, I think "enjoyable" comes closest, actually.

You can have a book that's good, for which the description "leuk" would be inappropriate. Something depressing or very serious, for example.


In that case would you simply use "Het boek is goed"?


"Het boek is goed." would work, but for the qualities of a book you're probably more likely to say "Het is een goed boek." etc.


Can this refer to persons as well? Een leuke man, a nice man?

If so, does it refer to one's personality or looks?


Yes, You can also say "een leuke man", and you can mean by that that he has good looks or is nice or both.


I put "The book is fun" and it registered as wrong. I disagree! De boeken zijn ook 'fun' !


Fun definitely comes closer than good. And probably closer than nice too. Nice feels a little bit more passive, you are more likely to see the enjoyment on someone's face with leuk than with nice.

Though fun might be slightly too active. I think somewhere between nice and fun. So enjoyable or pleasurable (buy that sounds kinda weird)

There is no exact match unfortunately.

Well I guess you could say it's a cool book. But cool can mean só many things it's not an exact match either.

A mix of cool enjoyable and fun haha


Enjoyable isnt accepted?


Well, it should be, but qualities are hard to translate exactly. Quite a few translations are possible, and it's likely that not all of them are in the database yet. If you encounter it again, please report that it should be added.


I would rather of said 'good'


It's not quite the same, though. "Leuk" doesn't just imply that it's well-written; it also tells you you're unlikely to wake up screaming in the night.


'Funny' should be recognized as a correct answer as well, not only nice. There are more possibilities, as there is no context.


Funny is grappig. So when there are jokes.

Fun is close enough but funny is wrong. Not correct meaning jokes nor it's other meaning, weird/odd.


Then why are you telling us about it; we who are fellow students who can't change the course?


Sorry, P_Azul, it is a missunderstanding, I chose a bad way to express it. Let's carry on learning Dutch.

P. S.: Even though, 'leuk' is funny as well.


Can't it be also translated to 'The book is cool'?


I believe so. There is no exact match and cool would be one of the options you might use when wanting to say leuk boek.

It, like leuk, expresses more excitement than nice.


the book is funny, het boek is leuk.. toch fout? waarom?

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