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Anybody else want the ability to translate web articles from mobile?

I've been on Duolingo for a week, and already I have completed every lesson offered. I have used Duolingo as a tool to help me remember my four years of Spanish from school, and its been a great help! But, I feel as if it could be a bigger help if the journey could continue on the iPhone app. I completed each lesson from the app, but now I am forced to log onto my much slower computer to translate web articles. I would like to see the ability to translate these articles be extended to mobile. In general, people are more likely to use their phones anyway, and I think this would really boost the amount of activity around translating articles!

March 11, 2013



Thanks for the feedback! We'll be making it possible to translate on the iPhone app soon.


If I had nothing but my iPhone, I'd prefer reading or listening to translating.

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