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Finished German tree in 91 days!

I just finished my German tree (including the bonus skills). I started doing Duolingo 91 days ago and have done at least 20 XP in German since then (mostly a lot more), and also some in other languages.

I took some years of German in high school but haven't used it between then and a couple of years ago. Lately, I've listeded to the news podcast "Langsam gesprochene Nachrichten" and follow a German magazine, so I've had some exposure to German without studying it, and have understood much of it, but previously I've had no reason to write any German myself so this has been the real challenge of this course. Since my native language is Swedish, many words that I don't really know in German will still be intelligible and quite often even guessable if I need to write something.

The Duo course has helped a lot with grammar and fluency, though. I now feel at least a little bit confident to write in German, at least as long as I try to not get too involved in perfect and conditionals...

Still, I'm now at a level where I can pick up a German novel and read it for pleasure. I don't understand absolutely every word of it, but the occasional word that I miss usually becomes clear from the context (I don't normally stop and look things up but rather use that time to go through more text instead).

I still need a lot of work to increase my vocabulary, but I'm definitely at a level where I can pick that up from actual usage of the language rather than continued study which will make it easier to stay motivated.

Since I've had previous knowledge of German I haven't paid that much attention to the course notes. Now that I've gone through the entire course I'll go on keeping it all golden (as I've done all the time, before doing new lessons) and also make sure to read through all the lessons now that I have a working foundation of language to apply them to. I tend to learn better by applying theory to what I already know instead of cramming the theory first and applying actual language to the structure afterwards.

German course completed in 91 days, fluency 53%.

August 31, 2017



Gut gemacht! Viel Spaß mit deiner neuen Sprache.


Danke! Ich hoffe das es wird besser werden, als ich ein Tor habe. Ich habe ein abo mit eine Zeitschrift die ich lesen will, so ich muss es verstehen.


DAMN!!!! echt KRASS!!! (haha sorry I have always wanted to use that, I know its street talk but meh!)


Hahaha, I love the word "krass"...and yes, it really is krass, isn't it? ;-)


Gut gemacht!


Danke schön! Ich werde, natürlich, weiter Deutsch studieren!


Well done! Here's a lingot.


Congratulations on your hard work!

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