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  5. "How is this man doing?"

"How is this man doing?"

Translation:Wie geht es diesem Mann?

August 31, 2017



I said "wie geht's der Mann" and it told me "Wie gehts dem Mann ?" Is "gehts" ok?


Yes, es is the impersonal subject (in nominative), and the real subject is in dative here (as we ask for the condition / state to which it is subjected, and German uses for this in a few instances the dative).

Wie geht es ihm?Ihm geht es gut. / Ihm ist bitterkalt. / etc.
but: Er ist krank. / Er ist in Ordnung. / etc.


Thank you.

But shouldn't it be geht es or geht's not gehts?


I still use the apostrophe to abbreviate es, but apparently the spelling reform allows to omit it just as the contraction of prepositions and definite articles (e.g. in das = ins) does.

Source: http://www.spiegel.de/kultur/zwiebelfisch/zwiebelfisch-abc-der-gebrauch-des-apostrophs-im-ueberblick-a-283781.html


Why diesem? Dont get it.......


The experiencer is in the dative case for the es geht construction relating to health.

Wie geht es dir? "How are you?"

Wie geht es diesem Mann? "How is this man doing?"

Es geht ihm gut. "He is doing well."


I don't know, maybe you should ask him


Why can't it be "Wie geht es mit diesem Mann?"


Why can't it be "Wie geht es mit diesem Mann?"

We don't use mit in the wie geht es ...? construction.

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