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Error in "Ce chapeau, c'est le sien." (fill in missing word) prevent me from completing the lesson

Hi, In the Fill in the Missing Word problem with the sentence "Ce chapeau, c'est __ sien." the correct choice should be "le sien", but it is not accepted, likely because "sien" is already (incorrectly) there to start with.

There is no way to satisfy the system with the fill in the blank (e.g. typing in the incorrect answer intentionally), so I cannot complete the lesson, and since I am doing "Strengthening" lessons, I keep being put back to the same lesson to begin again, which keeps eventually stopping me at this problem. I cannot report the problem with any details because the report mechanism is limited to two check boxes in this case with no comment field available. How can I escalate this issue so I can get back to my studies?

August 31, 2017



Did you report this in the troubleshooting section? Also, if I remember correctly on the app the choices are usually my answer is correct and there is another problem with my answer. If you click the second one enough they should see the issue.


You could report it with a different reason and it will at least bring it to Duo's attention.


I'm having the same problem in sentences in Irish and French. I've reported it. May 2019. Fixed long ago. Thanks Duo. May 2020.

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