"This is your water."

Translation:C'est ton eau.

August 31, 2017

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c'est votre l'eau - is this not also correct (to address someone more formally)?


"Votre" and all other possessives are determiners and don't need the addition of an article:

  • votre eau / ton eau


I thought 'ton' was for singular, masculine objects? But water is feminine??


Correct, but you also have to use "ton" if the next noun is feminine and starts with a vowel sound, so as to avoid the vowel sound conflict.

The same applies with "ma" and "sa", to be changed to "mon" and "son".


I see, thank you very much for your explanation! :)


Thanks for this clear explanation.


i dont get what is the difference between ton and ta and ma and mon


Think about this: what does "mon, ma, mes" tell you? That there are 3 forms in French possessive determiners.

Remembering that French nouns can be masculine or feminine you may guess that "mon" is for masculine nouns and "ma" for feminine nouns. "Mes" looks like a plural, so it is probably for plural nouns.

From there, you will understand the following rule: "mon, ma, mes" are possessive adjectives which agree with the noun they modify.

If something belongs to me, "mon chien" (masc) is my dog, "ma fille" (fem) is my daughter and "mes parents" (plural) are my parents.

Besides, if a feminine noun starts with a vowel sound, in order to avoid the vowel sound conflict with "ma", you have to change "ma" to "mon", as in "mon idée" (fem., my idea).

The same applies to "ton, ta, tes" (your) and to "son, sa, ses" (his/her/its).

For "our", it is easier: "notre" if the following noun is singular and "nos" if it is plural.

For the formal singular or plural "your": "votre" if the following noun is singular and "vos" if it is plural.

For "their": "leur" if the following noun is singular and "leurs" if it is plural.


Previous run through i typed 'c'est ton eau', and it was corrected to 'ceci est ton eau' . Immediately following run through I typed 'ceci est ton eau' and it was corrected to 'c'est ton eau'


why not "c'est votre eau

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