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Pop up tips on Spanish - a new feature?

I've been using duolingo for French on Android for quite a while now. It has pop up tips when you tap on a word and it gives translations. I've just started learning Spanish, and it has them too, but also a slide out hint from the bottom that's like the hints and tips on the desktop version. E.g. For the present tense module it's got a conjugation table.

Is this a new feature that's being rolled out, or something that's just not present in the French program?

August 31, 2017



Probably the second. I have seen it in Italian too, but not recently.

[deactivated user]

    I've had them for a couple of months with Spanish.


    I have only seen it in the Spanish present tense. Maybe it's because Spanish verb conjugation is pretty regular, so it's worthwhile having a tip.

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