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It is Crazy when you do not know Feminine from masculin

August 31, 2017



I don't understand. Please clarify.


For the French who are hearing, it is amusing, charming, naive, smiling, refreshing, but not at all crazy.


Sorry I am getting frustrated with 90% of my interpenetration and then find I have la instead of le and les now know Les is for more than One so Slowly getting there, sorry so want to learn French


It gets better, promise. Learn new words with the indefinite articles, un and une as though they are a part of the word, as indeed they are. Memorize them together. You will save yourself a lot of headache later! With time it will feel more natural to use the correct gender with the words that you have reviewed over and over. They will become "glued" into your brain.

Lindakanga put together some great links and her advice is excellent.

Lastly, be patient with yourself. You will make mistakes- lots of them! Oh well! Laugh, learn, and move on.


Amusant ? Je devrais être un comique, sans aucun doute je fais rire beaucoup les Français ! ;-)


Pas un rire moqueur, alors. Un sourire, comme celui que procure le jeune enfant quand il découvre la langue et qu'il devient poète sans le savoir... Un attendrissement, tu provoques un attendrissement. les Français sont de grands tendres ☺


J'avoue que les Français provoquent le même sentiment lorsque je lis leurs messages en anglais, un attendrissement et un fort désir de les aider.


Brilliant, do you realize, the communication between the peoples contributes to tenderize nations! The humanity is great.


It is a beautiful thing, isn't it?


No, not if your native language doesn't classify words as feminine and masculine, except in pronouns.


I often make inferences on whether a French word is masculine or feminine based on certain hints. For example, a word will most likely be feminine if it ends in "ère", "elle", and sometimes "e" (but not always). A masculine word will sometimes end with "eur" or "eau". It's just one of those things in a language where it's hard to short-cut your way through it. I just try to remember all words that are feminine and masculine, and I understand your pain of forgetting the gender of a word.

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