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  5. "そのブラウスはとてもかわいいですね。"


Translation:That blouse is very cute, isn't it.

August 31, 2017



More and more I feel like Duo is a particularly ineffective way to learn Japanese, altho it is very nice for practice


Can you please say why?


I think it's because it can be translated as "That blouse is very cute, right?" and it wasn't accepted. As far as I know, "ne" is used to request confirmation, right? As in "Isn't this blouse cute?" Etc etc


Hey, there can be many ways in which a sentence can be translated. Please report and say that your answer was to be accepted. Remember that this Japanese course is still in beta! :)


"That blouse is very cute, right?" is now accepted 20180919.

"ne" is not always used to request confirmation. It depends on whether a question mark or period follows it. While talking, it depends on tone.

"ne?", high pitch - requesting confirmation, like "this is the right button to push, right?"

"ne.", low pitch - rhetorical question, not requesting confirmation, like "isn't that a lot of buttons to put in a room."


I think that duolingo is better to practice, for people that already know some Japanese, or are learning the basics with another way. In fact, as no grammar is explained in duolingo, you need to find it on your own.

There is no magic trick to learn a language but too practice so this app is not that bad. :)


I don't really get why 'ne' is switched to 'isnt'it'.


そのブラウスはとても可愛いですね。was not accepted, and there wasn't even an option in the report function to say that "My answer should have been accepted." ...


It sounds like "Browser"




Sono seems to = both 'the' and 'that' with no real way to tell which to use. How flustering.


It's because the system of この/その/あの doesn't exist in English. その just means it's closed to the listener, nothing else. Only real experience make you understand those differences. And it's not a problem if you can't "know" if it's the or that, it doesn't exist in Japanese and you can never translate a language directly. :)


Marked wrong for acknowledging ね in the English translation, marked wrong for not.


How about some content for the guys in this lesson, just to break up the monotony?

Here's one for free:

"Bro, I got this gallon of engine grease on sale for 850 yen."


Or maybe something along the lines of:

"Big brother, be careful with that 1 watt laser that you bought in Akihabara."


Corrections to my 日本語 are welcome.



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