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Tinycards available for Android right now!

Tinycards, the fun flashcards app by Duolingo, has launched on Android. You can get it now!

Tinycards was launched on iOS last year and web and mobile web soon after to help you study not only language vocabulary, but also anything else you are trying to learn. Periodic table of elements anyone? How about Katakana? Or maybe Pokémon is more your thing? Either way, now Android users can also study over 200,000 decks created by users, or one of the official Tinycards/Duolingo sets... or create their own to share with others.

If you create something you think might be useful to others, we'd love for you to share your creations in the comments below!

August 31, 2017



Honestly, I only have one major complaint with Tinycards and I can't ever imagine myself downloading it unless this complaint is addressed. And that is that there is no "Categories" on Tinycards. All the cards are lumped together and you can only find stuff using the search bar. If I wanted to just browse "Language Learning" cards. I have to be very specific in what I am looking for and can't just click a "Language Learning" category and look around.

I don't like Memrise, but memrise will always have the upper hand over Tinycards unless this issue is fixed. Its just too unorderly for me and for many people. And its such an easy fix. I don't know what Duolingo was really thinking there.


There are categories, but currently there are only ten, which doesn't cover all of the card set types I see available. Maybe they'll add more eventually.


Where? How do I get to them? The fact that the Tinycards site is so minimal yet I still can't manage to find such a basic feature is an issue in and of itself. (I should clarify I am only looking at the Website at the moment)


It's the row under Trending on both the web site and the app. You'll have to scroll down and, in the case of the app, wait for it to load.


We may not have equivalent user experiences.

On the (Chrome) browser version on my tablet the rows I see are:

  • Your favorites
  • People you follow
  • US History
  • Spanish
  • Geography
  • Biology
  • English
  • Math
  • Chemistry
  • Sports
  • Physics
  • Art
  • Trending

There is nothing below Trending, but I presume the 10 rows in between "People you follow" and Trending are the categories to which you refer?

On the app, the only rows I see are:

  • Your favorites
  • People you follow
  • Trending

No other rows seem to be loading.

Also, I do not see a way either in the browser (tablet version, running Chrome) or on the app, to assign my own decks to a category (which doesn't mean it isn't there, but I don't see it - although I should note my decks have not been made public, so I might not have encountered the option if it is only given at the moment you make a deck public).


US History, Spanish, Geography, Biology, English, Math, Chemistry, Sports, Physics, and Art are the categories.

In the app, I have them in a row named Browse by category below the row named Trending. Under the Category row, there are individual rows of the contents of each category, as you stated above. For me, this is the same on the web site. I use Firefox, but I don't think that'd make a difference.

As for adding a deck to a category, I've no idea as I haven't done so. Don't really see an option though, unless it pops up after hitting Publish or the system tries to autodetect it.


I suspect there are different dev teams, or different development schedules, for different browsers. I just switched from an iPhone to Android, and the difference was huge.


I have nothing under trending and I have very little above it. The only rows I have on the website on my chrome based browser is "Your favorites, people you follow, and Trending" nothing below or above it. That all there is.


Hm. Are you running any addons or extensions?


Oh right. Well, you could try a different browser and see if you get a different result.


Okay, so I signed into Tinycards via Chrome on my phone. The Browse by category row and all the separate category rows showed up.

I should probably have asked earlier, but are you running iOS or Android?


I am running Chrome on the web


the tiny cards are really good


language-learning as a section would still be unorderly. A list of available languages might be useful though.


This seems more or less just like memrise apart from what you mentioned? Why use another app that does the same thing another app already does well and has a larger user base(i.e. more content available)


I have other issues: There are obvious errors on some cards, but no way to inform the author about them. Some of the card sets are trivial and therefore nearly useless. There is no way to get rid of sets that somehow get associated with your account and clutter it up. For example, I have little interest in studying Japanese writing systems at this time, yet I have both of them. On language definition card, only the one they give is correct although other words are correct, and, if the word is doubly defined, one must use the SAME order or you are scored wrong.

[deactivated user]

    I can't see the categories either! Plus I think there should be an option to label the card decks into categories.


    Thanks for this announcement, HelpfulDuo! It's great to see that Tinycards is being expanded onto other platforms! ^_^


    Isn't compatible with any of my devices. :-( Requires Android 5.0 and up


    It doesn't work in my phone, "not compatible", any idea? will it be available for older android version?


    It's apparently for versions 5.0 of Android and up :/ Maybe you need a software update? Not sure, hope I helped


    You could try to install it manually. Dowload a Tinycards apk file and then install it. Maybe it will work this way: https://www.apkmirror.com/apk/duolingo/tinycards-by-duolingo-fun-free-flashcards/

    This is not warez so the file is clean...


    Congrats Antonnia! You're a gem. <3


    Usagi when will you do another 100 xp a day with bunny challenge?!


    XP competitions/challenges are limited to one per calendar month. So, September. :)


    No, my weekend plans are in flux. I might or might not have internet access for a few days. Some other things are in flux too. So, It'll probably be more towards the middle of the month. :)


    Sorry that I bothered you :)


    One per month for anyone at all, or one per month per user?


    Hi, according to this discussion, only one competition post per user, per calendar month is allowed.


    YAY! I recently just got a Android phone, and I was waiting for it. Thanks Duolingo!


    I went to check it out thinking that the main issue was going to be that I am already so deeply entangled in Memrise that it would be hard to change over.

    But it doesn't have all the Duolingo courses??? I wouldn't have thought that would have been the first set of things to be added, seeing as the owl could make the data fly across automagically!


    This is WONDERFUL news. By the way, I'm (very slowly) trying to turn the Duolingo Esperanto course into Tinycards: https://tinycards.duolingo.com/users/ispeakalien


    Awesome! TinyCards is an amazing website created by amazing people and we all appreciate its addition to android, even people who don't have android devices! Thank you!




    Finally, it's available on Android!


    That's nice. Now can we get the audio fixed in Italian, Portuguese and a few other languages? It's been brought up several times, but I'm not seeing the problem acknowledged, much less a fix time. That's discouraging since audio should always work in language programs. It's especially difficult when clipped audio is present in the listening and responding exercises. Thanks.


    I'm not saying the audio is perfect. But, some of the problems are caused by the strength of the internet connection going in and out. That's on the user end of things, not the Duolingo side.


    Thanks for answering. No, it's really not an internet connection issue. Here's how I know, and I think where the audio is clipping is the source of why the problem is not being addressed. (I'm using ethernet, not wireless, with a high speed connection, by the way.)

    When I practiced Italian in Duolingo for the last three nights, all the audio clipped off one or two syllables at the end. Making "formaggio" into "form" or "forma." If I was on a listening exercise (to type what I heard) and iif/i I selected the slow mode, I got "formagg". Each time I went immediately to a discussion of the sentence by pressing the discussion box after submitting my answer, the audio was correct. No clipping. I did this for every exercise in three categories.

    I think this problem is being ignored because the complaint can't be tied to a webpage. If anyone has a problem when performing the exercises, there is no page cite that can be given by the user for any one exercise. They come up at random and the user can only cite something like: https://www.duolingo.com/skill/it/Food/1 If the sentence itself is reported, I think it's being checked through the same mechanism that generates the correct pronunciation on the discussion page.

    The problem of clipping has gone on for several months. I definitely experienced it in Portuguese and French as well. I have temporarily dropped Portuguese because I could not get a clear handle on the pronunciation. I finished the French tree by testing out of the skills towards the end because I was so frustrated with the audio. (I took 4 years of French in high school and I would love to go back to that tree to practice. I think it was very well designed.) I can't comment on German and Norwegian. Because I was unsure how they "should" sound, I just got CDs. I already speak Spanish, so I really didn't pay much attention to the audio.


    Thank you for being so thorough in describing what is happening when you encounter the clipped audio. I wish I had the skills to get on the tech team so I could go in and fix this (though, it's possible it is already on the "To Do" list and just has a backlog of things they have to prioritize before getting to this one.) What you can do for now, is put in a troubleshooting report/request through the Help page. Scroll down to the bottom of the Help page to find the link to the form. Along with all of the information you've included above, please mention what operating system and browser you're using. Good luck, sincerely.


    Replying here because of limited indentation ability on the threads (which I think is a good construction, not a complaint.):

    Thank you. Yes, I think it is a more complicated problem than I had hoped. The clipping on the languages I now know to be affected (FR, IT, PT) having tested more today are sometimes clipped in Chrome as well. Its occurence is irregular and always disappears when the audio symbol is pressed a second time. I hardly noticed it because I can select the audio a second time. But how very complicated the problem! Not truly isolatable to activity in one browser, constant problem in one browser and erratic in another. Not affecting all languages. Not present when audio of the sentence played on the webpage where the sentence discussion takes place! I agree. I think it will take a while.

    Meanwhile, because of your prompting (in suggesting the info go into the bug report) I know that the execution in Chrome is tolerable to me and I will use Chrome for FR, IT and PT. I will be able to practice to my heart's content, because replaying the audio is a snap compared to going to the discussion page. I can play and practice pronunciation as I write the answer...joining sound to written response. Thanks for all the suggestions. There are some great resources on YouTube for pronunciation. I really like getting the pronunciation as right as I can at the start, because I have a dislike of thinking I'll get into bad habits with pronunciation if I spell words out in my head with a butchered "English" pronunciation. But I agree. All learning is good and if I had to, I'd turn off the audio (but possibly not return once I finished a tree.)


    LaNina, thank you for keeping me in the loop. I'm glad that you found some stuff that will be useful for you. I hope if others who are subscribed to this discussion are having similar difficulties, your comments will have helped them too. <3


    I've submitted a bug report with browser and os mentioned after checking out Chrome. This may indeed be a browser-specific problem. The problem does not appear in Chrome. I'm still begging them to address the problem because even with only one web page open, Chrome takes between 10 to 15 seconds to bring up the page after being minimized. It just has a black screen to start. We all know 10-15 seconds in internet land is foreeeeeever!

    I hope they send some feedback on when it can be fixed. I was very unhappy when I saw a thread on this topic voted down. I'm assuming it was a troll. If anyone wasn't experiencing the problem, it would be more helpful to just say so.

    You are a very bright spot in the community. Thanks for helping. My next step was to download a program to record screen activity showing the problem. I'm really relieved not to do that, and to get back to my happy feeling about practicing. Ciao.


    LaNina, I wish I felt confident that it could be quickly fixed. But, there is a lot to do and not always enough hands to do it. If the clipped audio is in the way of your progressing from a technical standpoint, I recommend turning the audio off to remove that barrier. As for learning pronunciation, on youtube, I found found that native speakers have created pronunciation tutorials for at least some languages. Again, I wish you the best. :)


    SO exited! Thank you!


    It's finally here! Thank you for announcing it. It's great that Android users can get Tinycards as well. ^.^


    Thanks for the information


    I'll try it now. This is a really good app/website.


    I have had a quick look at it and the experience is so similar to the browser version (on an Android tablet) that there was no learning curve, just an equal and smooth user experience on either version. I tried it by creating a new deck, adding a few cards to it with an image on one side and a word on the other. (There are a few things I would like to see as features within it, but I'm happy to wait and see what happens with it.)

    I'm running Android 5.1.1 on a 3 year old Samsung Tablet.


    What Tinycards really needs is the ability to enter and accept alternate answers. I had started creating a deck with Tinycards for the language textbook I'm taking classes on, but I ended up having to switch to another program which lets me enter hidden alternate answers. For example, on one side of a card I may put "the baker (fem.)" but I want to be able to accept "the baker" as a hidden answer.


    You can actually do it! When you type "the baker" and the incorrect sign comes up, you can click on the option "I was right" that appears right above it.


    Now can we please have the Duolingo language tinycards sync with Duolingo proper and earn xp points when we complete tinycards decks? I find tinycards to be super valuable to help me learn languages in combination with duolingo, but the xp points that is kind of helping me come back regularly is really missing :(


    Good news. Thanks Duo!


    ok how do i download it


    Actually, it's only available to 3/4 of Android users. A whole quarter of Android users are excluded! What a shame that this only works on Android 5 and above!! And I do get that with speedily developing API's and discontinued security updates, you do need to draw a line somewhere. But this app even excludes Android 4.4 which is still receiving security updates and was especially designed with entry-level devices that have limited resources in mind. So it seems like an especially flawed development decision to only provide for Android 5 and newer.

    Also, according to usage statistics compiled by google's play store (as of 8th August 2017), Android 4.4 still has a 16% market share. That means it is in 3rd place after Android 6.0 (32%) and Android 5.x (29%), followed by the newest Android 7.x in 4th place (14%). And honestly, I really don't see any need either programming- or security-wise for a simple flashcard app to be available only for the most recent (post November 2014) Android devices.

    Yes, the numbers also say that the market share of Android 4.4 has been on a continual decline which has become more rapid since the release of 7.x, but clearly, a host of people still use devices running on 4.4. And were it not for an ever growing number of apps which simply ignore anything pre-5 (and thus pre November 2014 - think how crazy that is: that's not even 3 years!!) I daresay many of us wouldn't feel any need to switch to a newer device for some years yet.

    It's a pity that users with older devices are being excluded or forced to join in the race for the ever newest device. Not everyone has the resources to switch devices every other year. And not everyone believes it would be a good idea to do so, considering the social and ecological costs of ever faster, ever newer hard- and software. And all that in a time where it has become clear that our way of production is endangering the very existential basis of our species - crazy! I'm speaking of the general situation here - and of course, a single tiny app won't change that (and to hold it responsible for the general situation would be equally crazy), but it's a pity that it plays to the same "newest only" throwaway mentality that keeps us from getting out of the vicious circle which got us into this absurd situation in the first place.

    I would have expected more from a company like duolingo that not only aims to make money, but also to act for the public good. Quite disappointed. :-(


    But without knowing exactly why Android 5+ was targeted as the base, you have no idea what supporting 4.4 would do to development costs. A new application covering 75% of newest devices, actually sounds very reasonable to me, as someone who's developed software. My phone has 7.1 and 8 is out, each release gains features, a search for "Android 5.0 behaviour changes" finds many including ART (only experimental in 4.4) replacing Dalvik. What you are asking for may double developer & testing costs, for diminishing returns of 25% of market. Remember there IS a website option, that might work.


    Tinycards is FANTASTIC!!!

    Will there be support for drag/drop reordering of questions in the future? right now its too time-consuming/difficult to reorder via clicking the up/down arrows


    That would be cool. :D


    what tinycards really needs is the same method that quizlet has where you want to show that a phrase is used with so and so words ie. je n'etait pas (interesse) but you'd like to have it accept the phrase as answer even without the part in brackets or whatever, you get the idea. Suggestions welcomed in thread. :)


    Tiny Cards is very very helpful!!!!!


    Some of my words have multiple meanings. How do I make it so people only have to write one word instead on the whole thing for the English side


    I love Tinycards it is so helpful, it lets me practice my spanish and work on my home work at the same time!


    can some one tell me how to follow people


    Why is the Duoling Emoji course a tinycards course?


    Love it !!! Tiny-cards are amazing !!!!


    Reminds me of Anki, but I'll check it out anyway and see if it's better.


    Yay, it's finally here! :D Now if it could just not get confused and lock up when clicking on users in a user's Followed Users list. It gets slower and slower and then sits at the loading animation. If I can get back to the main menu, I still see the loading animation partially on the screen. Then I can't do anything else and must close the app. Android 7, btw.


    The problem with tiny cards is you have to type the exact text from the otherside of the virtual flash card. it makes the cards no fun. if it was like duolingo where there is multiple acceptable answers i would be all in, but for now it is no bueno.


    Hi ronkisimo, DiegoBrasil_ kindly shared the solution to this problem further up in the discussion, here it is again for your convenience:

    You can actually do it! When you type "the baker" and the incorrect sign comes up, you can click on the option "I was right" that appears right above it.


    Does it have JP vocab


    I see two official ones on writing Hiragana and Katakana, but there are a bunch of user-made ones with vocab of different subjects. Seen three on food so far.


    why so many missing images? i like the images. do you guys need some help? I am willing to volunteer.


    What images are missing? :\


    for example Duolingo French Course French food / Cards the baguette, (some) soup, I drink, the onion, the salad (and lots more) are missing images I would say only about 50% of the cards on any page have images. I hope this helps


    I see! Well, those are pulled from the course and sprinkled into the decks as pleasant surprises. =] I don't think the intention is to have graphics on each language vocabulary card. However, the other amazing official Tinycards decks (from Tinyscience, TinyHistory, TinyGeo) are more illustration-heavy—you should check them out!


    Problem: I can't sign in because there's no option to login with Google, and I use my Google account for Duolingo. Hope this is added at some point.


    Can't you just use the email address as the username? It should still work fine even without a specific Login with Google option.


    No, because Duolingo doesn't have your Google account password? You sign in to Google, and then I presume they send an token of some sort to Duolingo.

    They have an option to sign in with a Facebook account in the app and the site. I'm logged in to the Tinycards website but that's because the website is a subdomain of the Duolingo site so it can just use my Duolingo login.


    Ah, right, of course, it's like signing into a site with Steam.


    Please check now, Google sign in should be working!


    It isn't working for me


    What is happening Milja2005?


    I personally won't be using this very much because we don't get XP/levels and lingots for doing so.

    Not much point in only gamifying half of the platform...


    Works without issue on the Galaxy Note 4! Thank you!


    "Tiny Cards" works very well!!!

    (Accepting lingots!! Hee-hee!)


    YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY Tiinycards are pretty fun doe!! I agree with Xefjord but still I like them


    i love this help me learn a lot more never thought i would download this


    did any one get in to tinycards yet


    I have Tinycards set up on my laptop. I saved to links, but it only saved the one I first worked on. Yes, you have to search for what ever other category to progress through the units, so what I did was to make a folder in favorites, and each new category I begin, I simply save that to the folder and it's all there. Sure, it's extra steps, but once done, it's there always.


    This is confusing I just started this what does it mean by give a lingot?


    Hi I love Tinycards I'm just wondering... after you answer a question correctly, the card turns either blue or gold. What classifies a blue card and a gold card?


    It's a shame that the Duolingo app is compatible with my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, but yet the Tinycards app is not! If you guys can make it compatible with older devices, that would be great...

    [deactivated user]

      Why isn't it available for Huawei Y3 phones? That was a disappointment! Please fix this issue soon


      I can't get the app to open :(


      we are making a lot of progress and we get 2 or 3 stones but we wont more


      I can not open this app after downloading...


      Love the app, but there is a problem when you have to type an answer. That is the English Text is hidden when the Android keyboard is open. This means on card decks with similar looking animals eg) cock, hen, chicken, you have to either close keyboard to see, or scroll up and back down to answer. This may be avoidable if the space wasting "Don't type" became a button, like the return key button. Another option would be to have the text you translate UNDER the picture. I have a new HD phone (Moto G5 plus) so usually there is plenty of room for keyboard, under things.

      Secondly in general it'd be nice to have a way to turn off typing for 5mins, so it's pure flash card and you can run through them rapidly without having to divert time on keyboard entry. This would be great, for quick revision bursts.

      On other hand intelligent Android keyboard is reducing the verification benefit of keyboard entry by offering to complete words. Another app, has it's own keyboard to avoid this; but may be Android keyboard offers a "hard core" no suggestions mode, or a compact version which avoids using that line. This would allow a hard core mode, again perhaps useful as an option, analagous to the "pure flash card" mode above. Good for more serious study.


      all right, the app is not compatible with my smartphone (I have a galaxy note). I reckon there is no older version since it's quite new, but will there be upgrades which would allow a greater number of device to download it? I would really like to to use it in tandem with duolingo


      Is anyone else having a problem logging on to tinycards on their phone? Mine just refuses to log me on although both the username and password is correct. I just get a 'wrong username or password' notice.


      Hi Stephaniet615848.

      Have you checked through the Troubleshooting articles for Tiny Cards? https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/sections/115000853926-Using-Tinycards Maybe something in there might help. crosses fingers


      Nothing that helps....maybe my phone just doesn't like them :(


      It is minor, but spanish "Adios| marks you wrong if you say "goodbye" in English. Only |"bye" is marked as correct. I am from UK, and trust me we say goodbye much more than just 'bye' so both should be a valid answer. Thanks!


      I wanna have a simple list of words I've learned till now, Is there anyone who can guide me?


      I really like this feature!!!1111!!!

      [deactivated user]

        My android tablet says "not compatible with this device." I would love to have the tinycards app as well as the duolingo one!


        Sometimes the multiple choice options (for French in particular) are blank so I cannot see the options to answer. Could this be addressed please. Thank you! Keep up the awesome work :-)

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