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"Nouă ne place Crăciunul foarte mult."

Translation:We like Christmas very much.

August 31, 2017



The English should be "We like Christmas very much."


This has really confused me! Why not 'Noi placem' ? And since it is Craciun that we like and not ourselves, why is 'ne' needed? Thanks in advance.


A plăcea is usually translated to English with the verb to like. This causes confusion for some English speakers studying Romanian, because the subject and object of a plăcea are seemingly reversed from those of to like. That is, the subject of a plăcea is the thing that pleases and the (indirect) object is the person who is pleased. A commonly used method is to think of a plăcea as literally meaning to be pleasing to (from Wiktionary).


We like Christmas very much.. "foarte mult" got lost in translation


You dont say the christmas


The dictionary hint for "Christmas" is missing.


X-mas should be acceptable and I agree with the other re the translation. May be you trust too much your computer's translations!!


Why Nouă and not noi?

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