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Need to cancel?

I was charged yesterday, $4.99, I guess for missing a day. I had streak repair, however, and am on day 3 of 7. I don't expect to be charged on my credit card without my permission. This free course is quite expensive! If I don't get a response about this, I will have to just get rid of the app. I wonder why I can't talk directly to whom is in charge of Duolingo. jemma886

August 31, 2017



You don't have to buy a "streak repair" or any other thing Duolingo is offering you! Just never click on an offer.
General securety tip:
Never store your credit card data on your phone. Always delete your credit card data after using them.

...... get rid of the app ........

Uninstall the App and use Duolingo's web version in the browser of your phone (www.duolingo.com)

........ talk directly to whom is in charge of Duolingo

Via the Duolingo Help Center web page
"How do I report a bug?"


Thanks! You've been a great help!! Another concern: it seems as if you have to use the gems to do the 'extras'. I needed to use them to get the section on idioms, for example... and liked that section....Now that I've bought the gems, I'm hoping I'll have the chance to use them again. Probably shouldn't be buying gems, though??? Now that I've got the gems, I did the streak repair thing to use them up! But I guess you use real $ for that! Secondly, just curious, why the web version instead of the app? Thanks so much for your help!!


Please, don't buy gems, but earn them. In the Duolingo Help center you can read how to earn them.

... why the web version instead of the app?

Duolingo's web version ....

  • ... does not have the "punishing" Health system, when you are making mistakes.

  • ... showes the good answer after making a mistake, and repeates the same sentence in the same lesson until you have given the right answer.
    Personally, I learn much faster by using that feature than by using the punishing "Health system" or "a teacher at school".
    Thanks to Duolingo, it is the first time in my life I like to learn languages.

  • ... has grammar "Tips and notes" under the lessons in each skill, in which new grammar is introduced. To see them, you have to set your phone's browser in "Desktop mode".
    Note: This is not possible in some iPhones with a small screen.

  • .... you mostly have to type the words instead of "clicking on predefined words"
    I only use the App, if ...
    . I am not able to type (in a train, waiting on a bus etc.)
    . I have only time for a quick review
    . new lessons are too difficult for me in the web version. E.g I have learned German in the Android App (at that time, it did not have the punishing "Health system) and later on I have repeated the lessons in the web version.

Good luck.


Thank you for your help!


You're welcome.
You are doing fine in German: reaching level 10 in just a month!
Maybe you are interested in keeping your streak in the future, without paying real money? I gave you 10 lingots to buy a "streak freeze" in the lingot shop (https://www.duolingo.com/show_store)
In the comments of this discussion you can read how to prevent loosing your streak freeze and streak https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24201558


Wow! I just saw your message!! Thanks for the lingots!! I've been reading all of the instructions, for a change... Good luck to you!

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