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Woohoo half way there with 50 % fluency. Looking for tips on keeping my German up at home.

I made a duo lingo account a few days ago to help keep up my German, and I'm loving it! Does anybody have any tips on how to keep up a language, I try watching things like Netflix in German ATM.

August 31, 2017



Hey, I just want to tell you that the fluency meter is extremely inaccurate. A couple of months ago, staff tried to improve it, and accidentally ruined it. You might be more or less fluent in German than 50%. There is a very, very, very low chance you are 50% fluent. It is impossible in any tree at all to reach 100% fluency. Sorry!


Ach, that's fine, I never took the fluency percentage seriously, it just feels fun whilst you learn. Thank you for the info though. :)


No problem! :)


Take a moment sometimes to remember the German name for things around you/come up with random sentences. Try to do this without thinking in English at all, just conjure up the German. This will be really helpful for developing a fluent mindset.


thanks for the advice, ill get my Duolingo mindset on!


Another tip would be stick post it notes to everything in the house with the German name


Hi, welcome to Duolingo! A suggestion would be to relocate your post to the German from English forum (you don't have to create another discussion post; click "edit" and then select a different topic for your discussion) so that you'll attract more detailed and better responses from users who are also learning German from English.

If you're looking for German resources, you can find many on the Duolingo Wiki:


Thank you for the tip, Ill make sure to do that that next time. :)

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