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How can you tell what gender a German noun is?

I am really struggling with figuring out whether I'm supposed to use Der, Die or Das for each noun, can someone explain to me the rules in a very basic way? Or is there no rules/structure to that and you just have to memorise them together with the nouns?


August 31, 2017



You can check this: http://www.dummies.com/languages/german/identifying-a-german-words-gender/

It is best to learn the gender every time you learn a new word.


I see, wish there was some logic to it hahah, thanks!


There are a few rules for determining the gender of masculine, feminine and neuter.
But, very often, you have to memorize each word's gender.
These explanations helped me very much:

Game: Guest the Gender


Best way is to just memorize the gender of a noun.Here are some of the rules.

Masculine nouns - male person or profession, seasons,days of the week,months,alcohol(not Das Bier),geographical directions,names of mountains,nouns derived from verbs without suffix: -gang, -fang, nouns with the suffixes -er,.ismus

Feminine nouns - female person or profession, most fruits,flowers,trees,most rivers,cardinal numbers,most foreign nouns,nouns with the suffixes -ei,-heit,-keit,-ut,-at,-ung,-schaft

Neutral nouns- diminutives(-chen,-lein),nouns derived from infinitives,towns,countries,most metals,colors.


Btw, mate, nouns with "-chen" or "-lein" are diminuitives.


It's not your fault if you do not understand. Duolingo also does not emphasize it. For example, its dictionary does not type. That's why it does not matter much. For example, look at a real dictionary. It has to learn its definite article, the genitive of a number one together with the noun, and its plural no. shape. These constitute the dictionary shape of the noun.
Der, die, das is an inseparable part of the German noun. If you do not know the preposition, then you do not know the word. They could write the word together, but they do not do it because of the conjugation. Is this comforting? :) One of the languages are not logical. If the language would be built on the logic, we would be in great trouble. If you do not believe it, follow it. :)

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