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would be very useful to pause streak for weekends

Hi, I love duolingo!! I wonder if it would be possible to add the improvement feature: pause streak for weekends. We often go camping on weekends. There is no wifi or even basic cellphone service. So we have no chance to practice over weekend. It is a frustration that I cannot freeze a streak for the weekend.

August 31, 2017



Then it wouldn't be a streak.


Exactly this. Streaks should have the number of frozen days next to them. Maybe a number next to a little ice cube.


I think it would be more healthy for learners if they could earn/store up vacation time. Maybe 1 vacation day per 20 consecutive days practiced. It is probably more effective for learning to take regular breaks anyway. The current streak encourages unhealthy behavior in some people because it is inflexible.


I totally agree with you! I currently have a 113 day streak going, but I am leaving for sleep-away camp where we can't have any devices that connect to wifi or have cellular, and, therefore, no duolingo. I don't want to lose my streak, though, so it would be VERY useful if you could pause your streak for a long amount of time without losing it. Does anybody know if there is a feature that lets you do this (besides streak freeze and monthly streak repair)?

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