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  5. what is a day streak?


what is a day streak?

there are some people that are on day streak 0 but they are on level 10 or something. I have been doing doulingo for 5 days but it says i'm on day streak 1.

August 31, 2017



A "streak" is an uninterrupted succession of active days on Duolingo. So if you do five days and then have a day without Duolingo activity, your streak will be "zero" again.

So people who have reached high levels in their languages, but have short streaks just had a few days off in their time of participation.


it is when you have got your daily goal everyday. if you do not do it one day it starts over.


Ok, that is nice to know.


You can go to the lingot store to buy perks, like ones that can keep you're streak for a day when you're inactive. You get lingots by doing things like completing a lesson. I'm probably going over stuff that you already know at this point so...hope this helped in some capacity


Thanks, I meant to ask how that worked.

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