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How do I search for clubs to join?

I can't find a search feature anywhere :/

August 31, 2017



There needs to be a search feature for clubs it would be very helpful


I can't even find the clubs tab. Someone said it was underneath the leaferboard, but no.


Do you have the app? It is only available on the app.


Yes! But when I go to the "clubs" tab it only lets me pick from a list of like 10 clubs :(


If you have the club code, there is an option of ''I have a club code.'' Enter the code in there, and you will find the club. If you don't have the code for the club you want to join, I'm afraid you'll just have to hope that the club appears on the list. There is no search option. I can only imagine that some clubs share names, and it would be too hard to distinguish which one you are looking for.


Okay I understand, thanks!


No problem! Glad I could help!


Where can I see this list? When I tap the Clubs tab it only gives me the option of a single club, and it doesn't even tell me which one until it enters me into the club.


Not sure when exactly (I'm fairly new), but the ability to browse clubs has been removed (a much lamented over feature in other threads). Now you can only enter a code for a specific club.


There is no clubs tap here in my app...

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