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"The children like green salad."

Translation:Les enfants aiment la salade verte.

August 31, 2017



I wrote "Les enfants aiment bien la salade verte." upon Duolingo's suggestion and it accepted it. What does the word "bien" mean here? What does it do?


There is no article before 'green salad' so it should be 'de la' instead of 'la'


"Use a definite article to accompany a noun when you’re expressing a preference."

( http://www.dummies.com/languages/french/french-definite-articles/ )


In French, generalities get a definite article.

The direct object of an appreciation verb is automatically considered as a generality.

  • the children like green salad - in general, as a food category, any green salad


  • les enfants aiment la salade verte (en général)


Okay, apparently "les jeunes" doesn't count... Welp, must admit I forgot the real word xD

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