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Duolingo App vs Browser

I use both the browser version and app version of Duolingo, but I can't help but notice that they feel different from each other in terms of interface and "extras". (not content for learning)

How come the app is (so) different than the browser version? Examples: .:Where are the clubs on browser version? :.Many text alterations like bold, italics, highlight are either different or don't work on mobile. .:Where are all the badges on browser version? :.How come there's more in the lingot store on mobile version? .:Option to pay to go ad-free on mobile, but not browser.

August 31, 2017



Some newer contents like clubs, bots, health etc. are being tested on different platforms first. After testing the features will probably be developed for the other platforms as well, but that can take time...

I also feel like the app is more gamified with the badges and the format of the questions. Whereas the browser version is a bit more difficult because you have to produce the answers more often and not just pick the right words from a selection (I prefer that a lot and only use the app if I don't have much time)


Agreed, the majority of my Duolingo has been browser and I prefer it that way, as well as the methods used. Only recently have I picked up the app while finding some spare time on my phone while out and about. That's when I noticed the other features and just wondered why there seemed to be uneven development -- but the way you've put it makes sense.


I prefer the web version, cuz the app is too easy at times. But I do miss the clubs and those badges :(


I am looking forward to clubs and bots being available on browser version, I'm really missing a key part to my language learning which is the interaction with others to practice.


You can get the web version via app through safari.


I started the app when I was traveling and agree with tiramisues on many things. Though for Russian and Japanese, the app is easier for me to switch to the Russian and Japanese keyboards than on my old computer. Also I don't often have time to sit down at the computer so I do use the app a lot. I find uses for both. My iPod doesn't seem to display all the regular options when working with the website. I use that when doing the Spanish stories if I can't access my computer.

I use the website for lessons, grammar, discussions, Spanish stories, review. I use the app for review, lessons, bots & travel.

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