"Cartierul nostru este în estul orașului."

Translation:Our neighborhood is in the east of the city.

September 1, 2017

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Our neighborhood is in the east part of the town REFUSED???


In Romanian, we have so far observed that with most prepositions (except "cu"), the preposition includes the definite article so that usually, the noun following the preposition is left as an indeterminate noun. So, in Romanian if you want to say "through the kitchen," you say, "prin bucăterie." (i.e. bucăterie is left in its indefinite form). Here however, this rule is not followed. Here, we have to say, "Preposition + definite form of East," whereas I would have expected "Preposition + indefinite form of East" (unless the preposition we were using was "cu"). Anyone care to comment? Or is this one of those, "just because" situations?


The article is used with all prepositions whenever there is an adjective or a genitive possessor modifying the noun. So you say "în est", but "în estul orașului".

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In english one would be more likely to say "in the side side of the city."


"In the East side of the city"


In England we'd most likely say 'in the East of the city'. 'East side' = US usage? Not sure about other English speaking areas.

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