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Vacation mode

Is it possible to go on a vacation mode, or not have to log on for a couple days but keep your streak? Or is your only option the streak freeze for only one day.

September 1, 2017



It would be nice if the weekend freeze could be made into a 2-day freeze. Not everyone's "weekend" off time is Saturday and Sunday. Also, it would be nice to take a vacation without the phone. Oh well.


There is a weekend freeze that allows you to keep a streak over the weekend.


I'm pretty sure you can just buy streak freezes over and over. I had to do 2 days off cause I was at a festival and did two days in a row of streak freezing. I assume it goes forever but I'm definitely not testing it on this account.


there is?! I've never seen that in the lingot store


It's only available on fridays. I think I've seen it on the website but I know for sure it's on Android. Can someone verify?


I've used that on a busy weekend before. Very helpful. It's available on my IPhone.


I have used it a few times. I believe it is called a Weekend Amulet. And it only appears for me after I complete a lesson on Friday. Though, I do not know if someone must reach their goal first or just do one lesson. (One lesson reaches my own daily goal.)


Hmmm. Thank you, guys.

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