"She enters the restaurant."

Translation:Lei entra nel ristorante.

March 11, 2013



Hmm. Why does this need "in" or "nel", rather than just "Lei entra il ristorante"? The latter is more literal word for word - does the Italian require the equivalent of "She enters INTO the restaurant"?

March 11, 2013


"entrare" needs a preposition.

Entrare in un posto = Enter in a place

Entrare da qualche parte = Enter somewhere

Entrare a casa = Enter home

The most common preposition is IN, but as you can see there are some exceptions.

Here a useful list but, there is not the verb "entrare" and for movement verbs you can have "in" that replaces "a" in the most of the cases. If there will be some questions regarding the issue, I will find a way to explain it in a second moment. http://italian.about.com/od/verbs/a/aa031908a.htm

March 11, 2013


I did not even know that this was a thing! I am giving you a Lingot, thank you so much!

January 12, 2014


Thanks marziotta. I had the same question.

February 15, 2014


Thanks marziotta - that's very helpful to me also.

February 22, 2017


Yikes, one more layer to the mystery. I hope I have it in me to keep climbing through this!

October 9, 2018


Great explanation. Thank you

May 6, 2019


Is "Entra al ristorante" incorrect? Or acceptable but awkward?

August 21, 2014


DL tells me that "lei entra al ristorante" is correct.

March 8, 2015


O.K so because this is a movement verb when you are entering somewhere, you are not just entering "the" restaurant, or il ristorante, but for Italian grammar, you are entering "in" the restaurant, or nel ristorante, yes? Oh boy, as someone already said, yet another layer. Thank you for this explanation. Where would all of us be without our community?

June 8, 2019


I feel like "Entra nel ristorante" could just as well be "He enters the restaurant"? So I didnt mark it. thoughts?

February 5, 2014


I thought the exact same thing.

April 12, 2014


I see what you mean...

February 14, 2014


I failed here also...something is wrong

March 3, 2014


At least she didn't enter the waiter!!

March 27, 2014


"Entra nel ristorante" could also mean "He enters the restaurant". There should only be one correct answer to this one.

June 18, 2014


Thanks for the explanation Marziotta.

October 13, 2014


Why not lei entra al ristorante?

November 3, 2014


That would mean "she enters to the restaurant" and hence not correct. You go to or enter in (to) the restaurant.

November 10, 2014


But DuoLingo says 'Lei entra al ristorante' is correct!

I had put Lei entra il ristorante and they corrected it to this: 'You used the wrong word. Lei entra al ristorante.'

So now I am really confused. Why al not il?

October 9, 2018


I got this wrong and was told by DL the correct translation is Lei entra al ristorante.

January 30, 2015


The correct translation, or the best one if many, is displayed on the comments page too. It's "nel ristorante" above.

January 30, 2015


Keeps marking wrong!

June 14, 2017


I think the answer could be both....

June 29, 2017


Lei ingressa il ristorante... No bueno? Isn't ingresso to enter when used as a verb?

June 15, 2017


From what I can see, 'ingressa' is the word for 'entrance', so you wouldn't use this as the verb.

March 24, 2019


Why not in or nel? Aren't these prepositions too?

September 14, 2018


Why al not il?

October 9, 2018
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