"They will bring cloth"

Translation:Wataleta nguo

September 1, 2017

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doesn't nguo mean clothes/clothing and kitambaa cloth?


I can't speak for the word "kitambaa," but I have heard nguo in reference to both cloth and clothes. Although the fabrics which are most common are "kitenge" and "kanga" and these are more often referred to by their names.


Thanks. it dawned on me that in the past generations, clothes and cloths were pretty much the same thing!!


What has this sentence to do with subjunctive? I don't understand how to know when to use subjunctive besides polite questions and demands. It is not explained in the tips and nobody could explain it so far, except that it is a problem of the English language. But how I am supposed to know still was not explained. And then there are sentences like this in the lessons, that have nothing to do with subjunctive at all. Absolutely confusing! I am sorry, but the teaching skills need a lot of improvement here. I am very frustrated.

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