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  5. "Ik ben een man en jij ook."

"Ik ben een man en jij ook."

Translation:I am a man and you are too.

September 1, 2017



For what reason would you use jij instead of je? I really wish DuoLingo had some explanations instead of expecting you to figure it out....


Btw, there are explanations: you can access them using the website instead of the app.


Please read my previous comment.


Why can't you say: Ik ben een man en je ook?


Because you are comparing two individuals (ik and jij), therefore you need to use the stressed form.

In English you can only do this by using intonation, in writing, you'd either use capitals or bold/italics to signal this emphasis achieved through voice. As in 'I am a man and you are too' or '... so are you'.


I can't hear much if any stress at all in the way these words are spoken in the lessons. Is there not supposed to be a stressed sound to the stressed words?


I have now "strengthened" this skill 7 times in a row, 100% right every time, but it still hasnt turned orange! Every other skill is working. Please help Duo!


You have to do more than 10 random strengthening lessons (not the same ones all the time) every day for weeks on end before Duo will regild your subjects. The algorithm for determining your weak words is not as good as it's made out to be and doing fewer than 10 means you'll keep repeating the same lessons every day.


It's a big. Just make the last lesson of this skill again.


Interesting. The Dutch stressed pronoun is required, and my native speaker intuition says you can't contract "you are" here (unlike almost every other situation). Might be a useful memory aid.


Do dutch people speak that fast or is it to challenge your audio skills? I generally have to revert to the slower audio


They generally speak rather fast. Actually, any foreign language sounds as if speakers were rushing as they speak, when they're actually speaking at normal speed. It's just when one is learning a language, it takes quite a long time to be able to process normal speed. Don't worry, you'll get there! I've been studying Dutch for a bit over 2 1/2 years now (Aug. 2018).

Depending on your level, I'd recommend you to start watching the news, since newsreaders speak 'fast' but very clearly. :)



But ik ben enn vrouw


The spelling is so confusing!


also is the same as too!?


"Also" is used at the middle of the sentence and "too" at the end, but it actually does mean the same thing


I have the same question. My answer way marked wrong. Reported September 8, 2017


Why can you not say, ik ben een man en jij bent ook


You just can't, that is not how it works in Dutch.

You can say: Ik ben een man en jij ook. Ik ben een man en jij bent ook een man.

If you want tu repeat the 'bent', you also have to repeat the 'een man'.


ik ben een man en je ook -THIS IS ALSO CORRECT


No it's not...the whole point of this module is emphasis. The emphasised version of je is jij and that is what this sentence is for...


Finally!!! Now i get it, thanks!


Thank you for this information. Now I understand the whole lesson much better.


I do not understand your explanation. Why is "je" wrong in that particular case? I thought this can be used anywhere, where "jij" can be used but "jij" cannot always be used when "je" is used because it can also be the "reduced form" of jou etc.


You are pointing someone out, emphasising them, hence you need to use the emphatic jij.

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