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Duo visits her family - Distant relative in the Faroe Islands

By now, Duo has already visited her Mom, Uncle, Cousin, and will be visiting her Grandma, Aunt, and Brother in the future. It's only a matter of time until Duo runs out of close relatives to visit. So in an attempt to expand her possibilities; Duo decided to take a DNA test.

Duo mailed her saliva, and anxiously waited for the results. How wide-spread is Duo’s family. What if, perhaps her family isn't as diverse much as she would have hoped it was. What if possib...

Bingo!, relatives everywhere!

After a bit of research into her ancestry, Duo managed to find and connect with one of her distant relatives that lives in the Faroe Islands. They then scheduled to meet up in a few months from now, at Tórshavn, the capital of the Faroe Islands.

So, off to the Faroe Islands it is! But first, Duo must study up on the Faroese language. Faroese is part of the Germanic language family. Meaning that by knowing English, Duo is bound to find some familiar vocabulary. On the down-side, Faroese is quite irregular, and has multiple cases; learning it is going to be quite the challenge. Faroese ( and also Norwegian for that matter ) derived from Old Norse; some people say it is the closest language to Old Norse alive today.

Up until in the early 1900's, Danish was still the official language of the Faroe Islands ( since the Faroe Islands were and still are technically a part of the Kingdom of Denmark ). It wasn't until 1937 that Danish was opted out for Faroese as the official school language, in 1938 it became the official church language, in 1948 as the national language by the Home Rule Act of the Faroe Islands, and finally becoming the dominant language of media and advertising in the 1980's.

Well, no time to wait, time for Duo to start her studies!

( translation : To the Faroe Islands!, it is my first trip! )

After a hard month of strenuous studying, Duo now has a relatively weak, but still useful-enough-to-get-around grasp of Faroese. Only thing left to do?, visit the Faroe Islands!, and off she goes!

There it is!, the beautiful Faroe Islands, although relatively geographically isolated, it is not a isolated with the rest of the world's population.

Norsemen settled the islands around the 800's, most likely coming from communities surrounding the Irish Sea, Northern Isles and Outer Hebrides of Scotland, including the Shetland and Orkney islands; rather than directly from Scandinavia itself.

During the late 9th century, more emigrants from Norway began to settle in the Faroe islands. Norway controlled the Faroe Islands up until 1814, only to then enter the Kingdom of Denmark.

Duo finally arrived on land and impatiently waited to meet her relative. But she was in for quite the surprise!

Turns out Duo’s relative was so distant, that he wasn't even the same specie of bird as Duo! It was here that Duo met Lundin ( lundi means puffin in Faroese ), who happened to be the pet of Allen, a young sailor pup of the Faroe Islands.

Puffins are a common bird to see in the Faroe Islands, and are often incorporated into the local cuisine. Lundin, however will not be eaten is cared for very much by his owner.

Allen decided to give Lundin some time off the leash; that way he can have some time with his guest. It was now time for the two to go exploring!

Look at all those houses! Did you know?, with no trees originally on the Island, all the houses had to be sent hundreds of miles overseas either pre-built or the materials to build them by ship?

Look!, it's the Tórshavn Cathedral! Along with most of the other churches on these Islands, it belongs to the Evangelical-Lutheran national church of the Faroe Islands. The history of the church is both complicated and quite interesting. During the Middle Ages, Tórshavn didn't have any proper church, and most people suggest that the people of the island used a prayer house. It wasn't until 1609 that a proper church was built. To then be destroyed in order to rebuild it again in 1798, with the timber from the original church being sold off at an auction. Some of the furniture from the old church was then transferred to the new church. Another rebuilding took place in 1865. The choir was extended by four meters in and a new sacristy was built. An office and other secondary rooms where added to the choir in 1968. In 1990, it became the seat of the bishop of the Faroe Islands and was therefore known as a cathedral.

( translation : Allen : Are you going to eat this? Duo : No... Allen : But we're in the Faroe Islands! )

Time for a little of a culture clash! Although Allen was quite excited to share a some Tvøst og Spik ( a traditional meal of the Faroe Islands consisting of whale meat and potatoes ) with Duo; Duo wasn't quite ready to try eating whale herself. "Perhaps another time." said Duo.

Duo decided it was time to make her departure. She said her farewells to Lundin and his owner Allen as she proceeded to leave the Faroe Islands. Who knows, perhaps she may visit again in the future.

  • Directory to the other stories within this series.

I did most of my studying on Wikipedia, and through videos about the Faroe Islands on Youtube. Please tell me if I mixed or screwed up any of my facts. Thank you, and I hope you enjoyed!

September 1, 2017



Two per cent Faroese DNA. Reaction: "I'm Faroese!"

Confirmation that Duo is a US citizen.. :)


This is the most clever and hilarious thing I've seen in a while. You did your research. That art style is awesome too. What's the purpose of this though?


This was meant for -melliflous-'s "Duo Visits His Family" series. You can find the other stories in the series here in the directory :



Thanks for redirecting me to the others!


sorry they also dislike my posts on duolingo. iTS no big deal they find it funny doing that...

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