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"Warum trinkst du keinen Wein?"

Translation:Why are you not drinking wine?

September 1, 2017



Should "Why do you drink no wine?" be acceptable?


A native speaker wouldn't normally talk like that, but I believe it is acceptable English nonetheless.


Yes, it should be accepted. It is a bit old-fashioned but not incorrect.


Why is "why are not you drinking wine?" wrong??


That is not correct English. You could say "why are you not drinking wine?" though. Word order is important in this case.


I found the English assembling hard too


@AliGhorbanzadeh... I think you are right ! In English Questions the order is as follows: Auxiliary Verb+ Negative + Personal Pronoun ir Noun + Verb


No, that isn't right. We would never say 'why are not you' in English. Always 'why are you not...?' or 'why aren't you...?' or 'are you not...?' Although we DO say 'why don't you', we never say 'why do not you'. I can see why there's confusion around this.

[deactivated user]

    ....and when we abbreviate "are not" to aren't, we do say "Why aren't you drinking wine?" (not "Why are you n't drinking wine", of course!!)


    It still seems rather a pressurizing question. Supposing s/he is teetotal? We would more politely ask it as 'You don't want a glass of wine?' which leaves a simple refusal as an easy response. 'Why aren't you...?' implies you had better have a reason.


    That is strange. In English we sometimes say 'why aren't you drinking wine' and as aren't is short for are not then I see why you would suggest it. However, the word 'not' before 'you' is more like an exclusion of the person to which the 'you' is aimed at.


    Is it not possible to distinguish between a present progressive action "why are you not drinking wine" and a habitual preswnt action "why do you not drink wine" in German? Is there a word order in German that shows the difference?


    An allusion to this, perhaps?


    The page itself is saying "Why aren't you drinking any wine?" is correct, and that has an issue. Why are you not drinking wine definitely is better and really should be given as the correct answer on the page itself.


    weil ich nüchtern bin :)


    it is not a correct sentence


    A perfect vslid question


    They probably meant to say valid.


    Why is "why you do not drink wine" wrong?


    Should be ...Why do not you drink wine? ...Talking .... Why don‘t you drink wine? In English questions it is first placed the auxiliary. In this case is DO followed by the negation if there is, the personal pronoun or noun, and the main verb at the end.

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