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"I would like to open a account at Commerzbank"

Wie kann man das sagen?

Ist es: "Ich möchte ein Konto bei Commerzbank eröffnen" Oder: "Ich möchte ein Konto bei Commerzbank einrichten"

September 1, 2017



'Ich möchte ein Konto bei der Commerzbank eröffnen.'

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I don't think it's necessary to specify the bank (you'll just go there).

Eröffnen is correct. You can find a lot of useful phrases and vocabulary here (DW - Audiotrainer)


That entirely depends on the manner in which the sentence would be used. If they need to write it in a letter or say it to someone, specifying the bank isn't just preferable but necessary.

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To me, it sounded more like a request, but you're right pointing out other possible scenarios. In yours it can be a useful piece of information, I don't agree on the necessity of said precision :)


I'm not German, and I'm not sure, but I would pick "eröffnen" because einrichten is more like furnish, furnish a room with furniture.

How about simply öffnen?


No, öffnen sounds funny to me in connection with a bank acount.

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