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how many year does it take to learn french ?

So i started Duolingo days ago and i just wonder in which level is a1 in duolingo french lessons ? and how many year does it take to learn french ? Please someone to help

September 1, 2017



How long is this piece of string ?
Is my first response to your question.

Lets try to use another analogy : How fast do you walk - in this current way you know how to walk ?
What previous experience do you have at walking ?
What is your genetic potential ?
What is your history, and knowing all things about how you have amazingly achieved to walk ?
How committed are you to apply your time and your mind to walking ?
Are you prepared to do other things, such as learn to hop, learn to skip, learn to run, and yes - even learn to sit ?
Are you prepared to pick yourself up, even when you fall down ?
Are you prepared to keep trying, and also I recommend - to be ok to laugh at yourself. To allow yourself to face challenges - and fail. Yet not accept failure. To smile, and try again. With good will - and seek to communicate and engage and learn ? And that in the end - that this is a journey that has not an end. Yet it is such an engaging and fascinating and enriching path, of untold riches.
There are many other factors as well, these are a sample analogy.

There are so many variables in this question. And in the most part - it is all about you. Your will - in its depth and breath, and your ability ( both historically and of this moment in time ).

Yes it is possible to learn quickly. And how duolingo is aimed to be designed, how it is developed, and how it is maintained - especially by the volunteer community of the numerous minds and enormous good will of its community - here there is great potential to support you on your unique journey.

And this community is here to be here as you start your first steps, and as you progress to proficiency.

So again, how long is this piece of string ?
Only you have that answer. For you.


Though - GOSH !
Thank you and CONGRATULATIONS for being amazing and seeking to commence this journey. For it is one of the most amazing journies you can commence. And if you keep at it - it will be amazing where it will lead you, and what opportunities it will open up for you.

In ways - perhaps even now you can imagine.
And in a multitude of ways - that will surprise and delight.
It will provide wealth to you, and also wealth to the community that is around you.

I highly recommend it, and highly commend you for commencing.

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Great answer, Roo!!!


The less it will become, if you put enough time and effort into it


in which level is A1 french ?


The levels only depend on the amount of XP. If you do the first lesson over and over, you can reach level 25, but you will only know the words: 'la, fille, le, garçon, je, suis, un, femme, une'.

A1 may be near the middle of the tree.


about two years to learn it perfectly, but if you already know it it takes much shorter.


Perfectly in two years? Not even achieved in a lifetime by 98% of the native French speakers.


Definition: A1 LEVEL Can understand and use familiar everyday expressions and very basic phrases aimed at the satisfaction of needs of a concrete type. Can introduce himself/herself and others and can ask and answer questions about personal details such as where he/she lives, people he/she knows and things he/she has. Can interact in a simple way provided the other person talks slowly and clearly and is willing to help. To reach this level you need to complete 80-120 lesson units.

I would say a couple of days to get to this level with decent quality of learning These can be learnt in the first ten lessons I think


i don't know maybe 10 months if you try hard. . . I would ask google

Google: "It takes between 4 and 6 months to finish a Duolingo course, although if you work hard you may finish it in 3 months."

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learning a language can take anything between 1 and 100 years :-)

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