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'Herangehensweise' vs 'der Ansatz'

  1. What is the difference between:

  2. die Abmachung and die Vereinbarung?

  3. die Herangehensweise and Ansatz?

  4. What is the meaning of "Aber für sie bin ich Luft,"?

LG Jason

September 1, 2017

1 Comment

  • Abmachung vs Vereinbarung

They are synonyms. "Übereinkommen" would be another word with exactly the same meaning.

  • Herangehensweise vs Ansatz

Herangehensweise: The way you approach something, i.e. how you start tackling a topic.


  1. Something that is attached ("angesetzt") to something else. attachement
  2. The small, discernible bit of something. rudiment: "Ein Ansatz von Verstehen" / "a rudiment of understanding"
  3. In music, the embouchure
  4. In bookkeeping, an estimate
  5. In mathematics, the translation of a practical problem into an abstract, mathematical expression (funnily enough, called "the ansatz" in BE).

Meaning 4 and 5 are akin to "Herangehensweise", but imvho not identical and should not be confused.

  • "Aber für sie bin ich Luft"

Literally, "but for her, I am (like) air", i.e. I don't exist for her, or she is ignoring me as if I were air. I'd translate it as, "but as far as she is concerned, I might as well not exist".

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