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Other uses for denn??

Hello guys, First of all thank you for viewing my post, Now I always see denn used in sentences ALWAYS with auch or alone, I always see it in a sentence and when I remove it the sentence (To me) still fits the translation perfectly, Some examples:

1- Bist du denn auch aus bayern? ( So you are from bayern)

2-nicht schlecht, wie viel Sprachen sprichst du denn jetzt? ( Not bad, How many languages can you speak now)

Was ist denn für euch die schwierigste sprache, die es auf der welt gibt? (What do you think is the most difficult language in the world)

Thanks in advance

September 1, 2017



Hi Mohamed,

I'm german and my english is not really good but I hope you can understand what I try to explain.

"denn" belongs to the so called "Füllwörter" expletives. These words are not really important for a sentence and as you say you can also remove them without changing your statement. They are mostly used in spoken german. You use them to express emotions or to give your statement a tone.

Bist du denn auch aus Bayern? You use "denn" to signal your counterpart "come on tell me, I want to know something about you." So you invite someone to tell his opinion or to say what he knows. I found some examples of other expletives. Maybe they help you to understand.

Das habe ich dir DOCH vorhin SCHON gesagt. (Sprecher ist genervt / Speaker is shirty )

Oder hast du es WOHL einfach vergessen? (Sprecher bohrt nach / Speaker redrills and gives you a chance to explain)

Some words are used to to soften a statement (halt, ja, wohl, ach) others to give it an ironic tone (etwa).

I hope that helps a little bit.

best regards Angel


The German "denn" can also be used like the English "because", for example "Die ganze Welt dreht sich um mich denn ich bin nur ein Egoist" ( The whole world revolves around me because I'm just an egoist" (a line from a song by Falco)


Thank you that helped me ALOT ty ty ty ty ty


Hallo Mohamed,

nicht dafür, gern geschehen. :-) (not for that, you're welcome)

Best Regards Angel

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