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Please get rid of "Health!"

Please weigh in your thoughts on the "health" feature implemented this Spring. I believe that most people don't like it because it severely limits the user's learning ability. Aside from not charging the user, DL mobile was great because it allowed the learned to learn at their own pace, slow or fast, through trial and error, memorization and application. Just like a child does. The new health penalty, is essentially as though a child were to get 4 chances to say something EXACTLY right to you, or, they are banished from your sight for 3 to 4 hours (unless of course, you pay A LOT of money for more chances). How much language would that child learn? The child would probably find other and new ways to communicate with others, which is exactly what is happening with this great community DL has managed to build. Many are going elsewhere. Please get rid of "health!" What do you think?

September 1, 2017



I have only known a duo with the health system in the app, and I like it. I have only ran out of lives a few times, and when I do I have to practise a few times, each takes around 4-6 minutes. The practising reinforces the learning, and suits my learning style - I've only learnt 11 skills in the 2.5 weeks I've been here, but I've averaged about 13 lessons/strengthens a day over that time.

I agree that it limits your ability to push ahead, but I like that.

That said, that's just me. I've seen a lot of people don't like it, so I think it makes sense to just let users turn it off if they don't want it on the app.


I extremely dislike the health system. I don't have it implemented on my account yet, however. I have done some workarounds so that I never get ads in the app in the case that I DO end up with the system.


Please PM me to share?


I think it all boils down to letting the user have a choice. I might not necessarily agree with your argument, but I can see where you're coming from. However, with how much they've been pushing this feature, I doubt it will go away.


+1 for not liking the feature. Yes, you can restore health for free by doing "strengthen skills" exercises, which I regularly do, but it is still annoying to switch to that if I'm learning something new.

I understand that they are looking to monetize the service and there's nothing wrong with that. So here's why I don't pay for subscription in the app: 1) I don't know if I'd be still subject to "health" even if I pay 2) the app doesn't give access to the discussion/sentence comments 3) the app doesn't show you the grammar notes (which is, like, the most trivial feature to implement, just show a bunch of text.)

I don't dislike ads that much to pay just to not see them, so I'll be waiting for the above to be available in the app.


For some reason, health is no longer on my app. I noticed it yesterday. Just straight practice. I like that.


I don't have the health system, and I don't think I ever will get it. Thank goodness.


I like the Health system which is based on good research and good practice despite others objecting to their progress being slowed down, it forces them to spend more time practicing which for most of us is a good idea.


There are better ways to achieve this, and they are already implemented in the Android app: a prominent "practice" button, clubs with XP ratings. Now on the other hand it is very infuriating if I keep mistyping something due to autocorrect being confused, and getting locked out of my planned new material session.


I think it really matters which "version" of health you have. The initial version was dreadful; since then I've gotten two major tweaks (first earning health from practice for any skill, second, not docking health for mistakes in lessons I'm doing for review) that have made it less so.


I totally agree. It’s counter productive to my learning.


Amen! My girlfriend is playing much less because of this. She's playing on Iphone and now has to deal with this, she feels the practice is to hard to regain her health and takes to much time (she likes to play "inbetween". I'm playing on android can can make 10000 mistakes, and like a little child I make them, learn from them and try again.


Is it n still going on? The health limitations??


All, thank you very much for your insights. The app got so clumsy i left it about a year ago but you guys have brought me back. I'll take a look over the next weeks and share my thoughts.

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