Lingots are great motivators, but there is hardly anything worth buying in the lingot store. I think the Duolingo should ad items to purchase in the lingot store to make Duo a more fun environment! Comment below if you agree.

September 1, 2017


I agree! It would be really cool if you could buy different backgrounds and themes.

or maybe a game that you talk to a fake person and the computer grades you,

They have that on the phone version. ;)

Talk or text? or both!

Yeah, that's on the app. You can text it in, or spell it out. Rather fun :)

Yeah I totally agree!

They should make fun language learning games.

That is so true! It would be great to have those.

I agree!! There's really nothing to do with them and they just pile up. Maybe, you guys, send the link to this page to others telling them to upvote and comment. Anyone agree??

I certainly do agree with you. The lingot store is much to small. It needs growth.

Re lingots: I have been on this website for ten months now (I have 251 lingots) and I still don't understand what to do with them? Can I use some to give me a couple of days off the site, whilst travelling, either side of a holiday to keep my streak? If so, what do I do please ??

The only thing you can use the lingots for to help you with your streak is the streak freeze. Found in the lingot store. Or the weekend amulet, but I'm not sure if that's available on the web.

Thank you 'pirate' Nathaniel. I'll give that a try, but I am still of the opinion that Lingots are hardly worth collecting! Perhaps we could buy some Duo T shirts with them - styles and colours need updating! (Duo Personnel please note!)

True true, and your very welcome. Yes, the store in general needs updating, or more use of the lingots elsewhere.

Exactly! I made a discussion prior to this three days ago, touching up on this exact subject. I heard some news about them upping the price quite a bit in the lingot store. So we shall see.

That is a great idea, however I believe Duolingo team already knows that. I also believe they intend to do something like that, after they're done implementing few more languages. And last but not least, keep in mind that this learning platform is free and that they are doing everything they can to keep it that way, so they can't really take a lot of user requests.

That is true. But as you probably already know, Duo is losing a lot of members due to some of their new changes, and the disregard for a lot of the requests the community offers. Although this site is free, we did not ask it too be. Many people, as such myself, would be just fine with paying, with the simple condition that they take into consideration more of our reviews and requests.

here here i already buoght evry thing

I agree. All I was offered of value was extra lessons like flirting ( I'm 66) and idioms which were strange at my early level. But the idea was great. Maybe they can continue on this theme but with more everyday or unusual lessons. I do work in a school and could use phrases to use with elementary kids such as " stop talking" and " pay attention".

I somewhat agree but what would you like to have in there

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