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What is your favorite method of learning languages?

Mine is a "learn by doing" method with duolingo, where I skip the explanation portion below the lesson and do trial and error. It's been working out well for me, but I would like to know other methods as well.

September 1, 2017



Usually just read books/grammar books, do anki and then watch TV in the language i'm learning for at least 2 hours every day.


I'm giving you a lingot simply because of your dedication. That should not go unrewarded.


Well, dedication is the most important thing when learning a language, so that's a given.


I learn by doing only. Because that is the only way of learning for me and my sis at home. 4 year starts ago I had attended an institute where I spoke with native spanish speakers.


Diversification. You need to use multiple resources to avoid getting bored and tired of it. Keep it interesting.


Learn by doing! of course!


I like writing vocabulary and lessons in notebooks and using flashcards to help retain information. I also like doing textbook activities that associate with a specific subject, as practice makes me more comfortable. Of course, Duolingo's style is also amazing. ^ ^


i read the explanations at each lesson and take notes like i'm in a classroom ! i copy the grammar notes that appear before some lessons and then i split the vocab into each section. i have notebooks dedicated to each language i learn here and in each of them, for each topic i have a grammar section & a vocab section so its pretty similar to school notes. also for immersion i listen to the music of the target languages / watch videos / tv shows etc & this is all the best way for me!


anki,memrise,duolingo and music + cartoons

well ofc I don't do all of it every day, but I'm trying sometimes I just feel like watching netflix or watching games :')


Learn by doing, as well. I use Duolingo, watch any movies in Spanish with English subtitles or English with Spanish subtitles. Sometimes just with the audio in Spanish and no subtitles. My family sometimes finds this really annoying (xD), but they all help me learn, so. Win, win, win. And, of course, spending the last 2-3 months in Colombia has really sped things along.


I like the "adventure" of learning by doing. That's pretty much how I made it through the Japanese tree, since there are no grammar notes. But I'm also one who just likes grammar and doesn't mind reading compilations of it. I think the most fun, though, is finding things you can understand and listening to them.


With Spanish I like doing vocab on tinycards before doing the lessons on duolingo and watching tv shows in Spanish, usually with English subtitles. I've started reading books in Spanish recently, too.


I learn far faster if I begin by learning the grammar of the new language. I easily remember the rules when they are explained in a as clear and complete way as possible. Then, learning vocabulary and applications is quite easy, and the last step is to watch movies or read books in the language I am interested in, if I can't find someone to practice with. That's why I have a hard time with most methods out there, including Duo, and need grammar wikis and books to learn effectively. It is also why I have an easier time learning artificial languages, as their author tend to produce detailed grammars. In fewer words : teach me the rules and I'll have fun with them !

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