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"They are making beautiful clothes there."

Translation:Ze maken er mooie kleren.

1 year ago



Why is "Er maken zij mooie kleren" wrong? I was told it should have been "Daar maken zij mooie kleren."

8 months ago

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Yeah, good question! In this sentence, "er" functions as an unstressed form of "daar". But moving an adverb to the beginning of the sentence gives it a special emphasis. Therefore you can't move "er" to the beginning without turning into the stressed "daar".

  • Ze maken er mooie kleren. -> OK, unstressed, normal place for an adverb.
  • Daar maken ze mooie kleren. -> OK, stressed.
  • Er maken ze mooie kleren. -> NOT OK
8 months ago


Does the explanation given below re placing "er" at the beginning of the sentence, i.e. that it then puts emphasis on "er", mean that "er" can only be placed at the beginning when there is an indefinite subject? e.g. "Er staan acht flessen op tafel"? Also, is there a difference in meaning between "de kleren" and "de kleding"? Thank you very much for your time.

7 months ago

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What about: Ze maken daar mooie kleren. 'There' can mean just that, there.

2 months ago