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Been learning German

Duolingo has changed my life,My moms side is German and my dads mom is German.When I was born my mom wanted my Oma (grandma) to teach me german she told her that when i was born but she never did!I always ask her to teach me whenever I see her (cause she's from Germany) she does but not to much.NOW with Duolingo ill hopefully be fluent in German.My mom said I would be fluent by now if she taught me.THANK YOU DUOLINGO!

September 1, 2017



Hello :-) It's never too late to start learning. Duolingo is a good way of learning, in my opinion, because the process is split up into many manageable steps, and Duolingo always knows where you are in your studies. So you just can start the lesson, and you will always know that you are on the right track.

With regard to learning German specifically, I have two suggestions:

1) You should use the web version of Duolingo when you start a new "skill". The web version provides "Tips and Notes", and these are very important for understanding the language. On the app, you can do the exercises, but before doing the exercises, you should have read the "Tips and Notes". I think this will make things easier.

2) Unlike English, German has three genders (masculine, feminine, neuter). These are expressed in the articles of the nouns (der, die, das). For example: the tree = der Baum (masculine) the flower = die Blume (feminine) the water = das Wasser (neuter)

For most nouns, these "genders" have nothing to do with actual genders. They are just grammatical categories. But in order to understand and to express yourself, you have to use these genders very correctly.

Therefore, when learning nouns, you should always learn them together with their article. For example, instead of learning "Baum", learn "der Baum".

In this way, you will become familiar with one of the most crucial and most difficult features of German right from the start.

Happy learning! :-)


The way I see it, you're far from being fluent. Just dont give up, no matter how hard it gets. Also, having a relative to practice a language help immensely. It's a help I never had :)

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