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  5. "Maliza kazi"

"Maliza kazi"

Translation:Finish the work

September 1, 2017



Does it have to be "finish the work" or can it also be understood as "finish work"? I know those means different things in English, so it could also be like this in Swahili.


It can mean either. They should accept both. It's an error that they don't


Finish working - this is a correct answer.


Shouldn't they leave the imperatives until a later lesson (Commands)? This lesson is Present tense 3.


Now "Finish work" is accepted, but "Finish the work" is not...?


I have seen several examples of them removing correct answers in favour of new suggested answers. Basically, we need a button for "My alternative answer is ALSO correct." Or encourage them to add rather than replace answers if they are not sure which is the correct translation.

But maybe they have responded to an overwhelming majority who report that "Finish work" is the best alternative.


Why cant complete work be acceptable


Maliza kazi has several valid translations. Calling any one of them wrong is just annoying and discouraging. Happens way often in Swahili than other languages.

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