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Is my sentence structure ok?

Hi, I just want to see if my sentence structure is ok and my grammar too.

Hallo und Guten Abend! Ich heiße Rari und Ich mag es zu lesen! Ich spreche Englisch, Finnisch, und Deutsch.

Danke! Du bist wunderbar!

Auf Wiedersehen

September 1, 2017



Looks fine to me. The only thing I'd change would be the second sentence :

Ich heiße Rari und ich lese gerne!


The "Du bist" part might be too informal for an audience you don't actually know. Perhaps it should be "Sie sind" stylistically? Don't quote me though.


I have heard that you are supposed to use "Du" when speaking over the Internet.


Hmm perhaps so, it seems as if there's a great deal of debate over when and where to use du vs Sie. This reddit though seems to firmly indicate that du should be used on the internet or else you come across sounding overly formal:



Hallo! Ich lerne auch Deutsch, weil eine Freundin habe, der Schweizerdeutsch ist.

Hope that was ok as a response. I was also happy to be able to understand what you wrote. :D


That's great! Only after two weeks of learning, I can understand what you said too!


"Hallo! Ich lerne auch Deutsch, weil ich eine Freundin habe, die Schweizerdeutsch ist."

Minor things, but I can understand you. ;)


Ah yeah, noticed the missing 'ich' after haha! Thank you! Why the 'die'? Is it gender?


Yep. "der" would be correct, if your friend was male.


Oh right, that makes sense. Thanks! :)


'du' is informal, how people speak online is most commonly informal, however in public, or to someone you don't know (or is older than you) I would recommend using 'sie'. While on the topic of formality if you want to be overly polite say 'Dankeshön'. Also, just for your street-cred I would not say "du bist wunderbar" since most germans never say things like that and may think you are a little odd. You never really say good things about someone to that person, you may praise an action however for example "das hast du ja toll gemacht" which is "you did that well" just in a more slang way, or if you want to talk like german gang members on the street you say "Krass" with is like "super cool" but most adults will look down on you if you say it. sorry for the long paragraph, I hope this useful rather than annoying. (also sorry for my grammar english is my second language.) I think generally though that your paragraph was really well written!!!


Thanks for your help! The "Du bist wunderbar" was just placed at the end for fun, but thanks anyways for telling me other ways to say it properly.


No problem. I am thankful that you take my advice. yeah I figured it was, but I just wanted to tell you incase you visited Germany. :)


Your sentence structure is just fine but you should be careful with those exclamation marks. We usually don't use them very often, so you should probably chance them to simple dots. Also, the second "Ich" must be spelled "ich", since this is not the beginning of a sentence. And in German you never have a comma bevor the word "und".

Also, to whom are you writing this text? Because it is very unusual to end a letter like you did...

I really hope you won't take offense by my corrections :)


No offense taken. I wasn't writing a letter to anyone, just putting together a list of things I can say. I think I incorporated a lot of English grammar (or maybe the way I typed it?) into it which made it strange to you.

Thanks for your advice!

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