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  5. "I buy a watch for Mary."

"I buy a watch for Mary."

Translation:Eu îi cumpăr Mariei un ceas.

September 1, 2017



Eu cumpăr Mariei un ceas was accepted. So the unstressed dative pronoun îi is not necessary here.

But do I recall correctly that with accusative the unstressed pronoun o is mandatory, like in:

O văd pe Maria ?


If that's the case, should there be an accusative pronoun for un ceas?


Ok, now I think the short forms are mandatory with people only, otherwise I could not just "a mănca un măr".

But my question is still, when exactly are the short forms of the pronouns (either accusative or dative) mandatory? I have learnt that "pe Maria" in my second sentence is not enough but needs the "o". So why is "Mariei" fine without preceding "îi" here?


"Eu cumpăr un ceas Mariei" was accepted (without îi)...???


"Eu cumpăr un ceas pentru Maria." is wrong?

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